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Released in 2008, the Titleist ZB Irons are forged clubs designed and made for the competent low handicap golfer. And like with most irons from Titleist, they do look good and well made.

Also like with the majority of recent irons produced by Titleist, the ZBs set up well and look good at address, along with also having a nice weight to them that feels pretty good.

This set has actually been manufactured in a fairly unique way, such that the longer 3 to 5 irons are cavity, the mid 6 and 7 are half cavity, with 8 iron and up being blade.

This has the intention of making the longer irons easier to hit, while at the same time making the shorter clubs more accurate and easier to control.

One thing that does become clear quite quickly when trying the ZB Irons out, is that you do need to have a goof golf swing to hit them consistently, and get the best results.

Despite the target group though, we wouldn't say these irons are strictly for use by single figure handicap golfers. Some 10-15 handicappers we spoke to found the ZB irons to actually be great clubs for them.

But generally speaking a higher handicap golfers game is not likely to benefit from using these irons. They will probably be too hard to hit and play with at this stage in a players development.

However for the players that can hit the ZB Irons, you will find that these clubs are surprisingly relatively forgiving a lot of the time.

Miss-hits can give a stingy vibration quite often, however unless you're way off on a strike, most shots do generally hold their line. Though some distance is often lost on badly struck shots.

But when you catch a shot well though, the ZBs really are a joy to hit. They sound great at impact and give you such a powerful and penetrating ball flight.

The short irons in particular can be superb for playing knock-down approach shots. Once you get used to these irons, good swings and well struck shots really are rewarded.

These were one of the best irons we have studied in terms of control and workability. A single handicap golfer who knows how to work the ball well will find these clubs very easy to manipulate the flight of their shots with.

It will actually take a bit of practice for each player, even the very good ones, to get used to how easy it is to work the ball with these clubs.

You could find yourself over-doing a fade or draw a lot when first using these clubs. But as said once you do get used to them, you could have a very good advantage over your playing partners.

Overall the Titleist ZB Irons are genuinely a great set of clubs for good players who play regularly and like to practice. Good strikes are almost always rewarded, while at the same time bad strikes are not always too harshly punished.

In terms of value for money, the price has come down slightly since initial release, and as of 2012 the Titleist ZB Irons are generally priced at around £370 or $585.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 6/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Control 9/10
Workability 10/10
Value For Money 8/10

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