Titleist Wedge Vokey SM4

Titleist Wedge Vokey SM4

Many golfers know that a Vokey Titleist wedge is always going to be a top quality, extremely well made golf club, and the 2011 Vokey SM4 is no exception.

Available in a large range of options, this wedge offers all golfers the opportunity to choose a loft and bounce that will suit almost any shot type or course.

The full selection of lofts for this Titleist wedge range from 46 to 64 degrees, available with many bounce angle combinations as well.

To the see the full range of options you can click on this link to the Titleist website, where you can see the full list of specifications available, and also find out more info on the technology of the club.

We studied one of the 56 degree lofted models with a Chrome finish, combined with 11 degrees of bounce. There is also a Black Nickel and an Oil Can finish available to choose from.

We found this wedge to have a very nice weight to it, neither being overly heavy or light, thus it gives you a good feel when you hold the club in your hands, and it also looks pretty good at address to.

In terms of generating spin on the golf ball this SM4 Titleist wedge was very good, no matter what the lie, the SM4 wedge is so easy to control the golf ball with. For 50-70 yard approaches in particular, this really is a club that you would want in your bag.

An intimidating tight pin position may not be so intimidating anymore when you get used to playing with the SM4 Titleist wedge.

For chipping and pitching when around or near the green also, this wedge really does have every quality that you'd want. There's such versatility and as Titleist intended with this club, it was effective from a range of different lies.

Wet bunkers, heavy rough, dry tight lies, this wedge can do the business from any of them, and still give you a great amount of feel and control. Be it a high flop shot or a low pitch that is required.

If you happen to be a bit off centre with a swing though, say a shot that requires a three quarter swing or more, then this Titleist SM4 Wedge isn't the most forgiving of golf clubs. But as it's a wedge, and the fact that you'll never be too far from the green when playing it, a poor strike isn't as damaging as in the case of a bigger club.

Generally a bad swing with this wedge from the further out distances, will more than anything just leave you coming up a bit short of the pin or the green. There is still a good amount of spin generated though, and the golf ball shouldn’t really drift greatly offline.

Aside from that there isn't really anything negative at all to say about this Titleist Vokey wedge, for what it's made for it does the job brilliantly. Which is what many golfers have come to expect over the years from a wedge with the name Vokey.

Just now in 2012, you can generally expect to pay around £100 or $158 for one of these wedges brand new, which is a bit pricey. But you definitely are getting a quality wedge from one of the top wedge makers in the golf world for your money.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Spin 10/10
Forgiveness  7/10
Distance Control  7/10
Value For Money  8/10

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