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Titleist AP1 Iron Head

The 2008 Titleist AP1 Irons are clubs aimed mostly at the already competent players such as the mid to low handicap golfer, who aspire to take their game up another level.

Like with the AP2 Irons form Titleist, these are very nice and stylish looking golf clubs, that would certainly look good in any players bag at a Sunday morning medal.

But not only that, they also look pretty good at address, though the top line can appear a tad on the thicker side on the longer irons. But that aside though, the clubs do look good and do sit behind the ball well when you stand over them.

The weight of the Titleist AP1 Irons is also nice and well balanced. Some irons can be a bit light or even a bit heavy, but these clubs have the weight just about right.

Like in the case of the Titleist AP2 Irons, the AP1s are relatively easy to hit if you're a decent player, but it was particularly the long irons that were easier to hit and get airborne than you'd usually expect.

Considering the clubs are aimed at the better player, this was a surprise, but a pleasant one.

The ball trajectory often produced on the whole through-out the set was quite high. However the flight still seemed to be relatively penetrating most of the time despite this.

Although we did find the AP1s to be easier to hit than we were expecting. A player will still need to be swinging quite well to get the best out of them.

When hit well the AP1s are quite powerful, though some distance is lost on the miss-hits. Along with there being a bit of that nasty vibration feeling you can get.

But when you hit one well with these clubs, you know it, it feels so smooth, just like hitting fresh air. No matter how good the shot looks, if you've struck the golf ball badly, the AP1 irons will let you know about it.

Despite the loss of distance on the miss-hits though, these irons were still quite forgiving on accuracy. It's really only very bad strikes that get severely punished in this respect.

Because of the often higher trajectory on many shots with these clubs, we saw that when you do get the line and yardage right. These irons will pretty much stop where they land, even with the longer irons and on firmer greens, the golf ball generally settles well upon landing.

Again though like in the case of the Titleist AP2s, this is on the basis you're hitting the ball fairly well. As with the AP1s, like with a lot of irons designed for better players, miss-hits don't always respond all that well when landing on the green.

One thing these irons were quite good for was hitting from the rough. Even hitting from heavy lies the AP1s were good at getting to the ball and advancing it down the fairway. The heads were solid at impact and very rarely got turned over in the longer grass.

When trying to work the ball into a fade or a draw, it was relatively straight forward with these clubs, without requiring too much effort. Although in our opinion there are definitely other irons on the market that are easier to work and manoeuvre the golf ball with.

But overall though the Titleist AP1 irons are a decent set of clubs that would definitely suit the majority of better golfers out there. However the performance, despite being efficient, doesn't really blow you away or have the wow factor.

But if you're a good golfer and you have the opportunity to try these clubs out, then the Titleist AP1 irons are worth a look.

As of 2012 they usually retail at around £250 or $395, which is pretty good value considering the golf club market as a whole.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Control 9/10
Workability 8/10
Value For Money 8/10

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