Titleist 909 F3 Fairway Wood

Titleist 909 F3 Wood Head

Launched in late 2008, the Titleist 909 F3 Fairway Woods are a very nice looking, well designed range of clubs. And as with most Titleist golf clubs, they are aimed mostly at mid to low handicappers.

The available lofts in the 909 F3 range are 13, 15, and 18 degrees. With the standard stock shaft being the Aldila Voodoo Fairway Graphite shaft.

The model used in our tests was the 15 degree version, fitted with the stiff flex Aldila Voodoo shaft mentioned above.

One of the first things that most players are likely to notice when hitting a 909 F3 Wood is how long and powerful they are. Whether it be from the tee or off the deck, the golf ball really jumps off the face on one of these clubs when hit well.

Decent players could certainly carry the 15 degree model up to the 250 yard mark and maybe even beyond with a good strike.

However it must be emphasised that you will need to strike a shot well to get the most out of one of these woods. Many newer Fairway Woods can let you off if you make a bad swing on a shot, but the Titleist 909 F3 isn't one of them.

Most poor strikes and bad swings we saw produced a very ugly slice, that struggled to get up in the air. However the golf ball did still generally make a respectable distance, but not as much as a good shot did.

Being a more serious golfers wood, the Titleist 909 F3 will be a very work-able club for the competent player. Both fades and draws can be achieved without too much effort being needed.

It is also not too difficult to manipulate you're shot trajectory either, low and slightly higher ball flights can be achieved also by a capable player who knows how.

Another good point to mention is that the Titleist 909 F3 Woods do make a very nice sound at impact. A lot of modern Fairway Woods can often give you a horrible loud hollow noise at impact, but the 909 F3 gives you a nice clean sound that's never going to hurt your ear drums.

As a whole the 909 F3 Fairway Wood is a club that should really only be looked at by better players. A higher handicapper who doesn't have a good consistent golf swing, will find it extremely difficult to find any consistency with one of these woods. There is very little forgiveness to be had.

If you're a good golfer looking for a wood that will give you a large amount of control of the golf ball, while being long at the same time. Then the Titleist 909 F3 Fairway Wood is certainly worth a look.

Currently in 2011 a 909 F3 Wood brand new is likely to cost you around £140 or $222.


LOOKS __________________ 8/10

EASY TO HIT _____________ 7/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 5/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 9/10

DISTANCE _______________ 9/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 8/10

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