Titleist 909 F2 Fairway Wood

Titleist 909 F2 Fairway Wood Head

Launched in late 2008 at the same time as the 909 F3 Fairway Wood. The Titleist 909 F2 is similar in many ways to the 909 F3, particularly in looks.

But the main intended difference in performance between the two models is that the 909 F2 is designed to offer a slightly higher launch angle and ball flight than the F3.

The range comes in a series of 3 lofts, the 909F2 features woods at 13.5 degrees of loft, 15.5 degrees, and 18.5 degrees, all available in both left and right hand.

The stock shafts at most retailers for these Fairway Woods is the Aldila Voodoo Fairway shaft, and the Diamana Blue 75g Fairway shaft.

The model we tested was the 15.5 degree version, fitted with a stiff flex Aldila Voodoo shaft.

One thing that was noticeable quite early was that this is a club that goes consistently straighter than the 909 F3 Wood. There is certainly a bit more forgiveness with the F2.

However although there is more forgiveness, the 909 F2 will still punish the very bad swings and poor strikes. So again this isn't a club you should really be looking at if you're a higher handicapper without a settled swing.

As intended by Titleist when this Fairway Wood was designed, the 909 F2 Wood launches the ball slightly higher than the 909 F3 and gives you a consistently higher ball flight.

But generally the trajectory produced was still a nice height, definitely not what we'd call too high. The golf ball doesn't balloon on you or give up any distance with the extra height.

In fact this is actually a very powerful Wood when hit well, and still produces very respectable distance even when not hit too well.

Due to the fact this club is quite straight the majority of the time as well, it would possibly be a good substitute for a Driver for some mid handicappers, who perhaps aren't overly confident with the Driver.

We did find this 909 F2 wood a bit harder to control and work the ball with than the 909 F3. A good player should still be able to achieve their desired shot type, but it does require more effort with this club.

Overall though, the Titleist 909 F2 Fairway Wood is a well made, reliable golf club. That also looks good, and doesn't sound too bad at impact either.

But there wasn't really anything about it that left us in awe, however we still feel that many mid to low handicappers could do a lot worse than have a try of one of these Woods.

As of 2010 you can generally expect to pay around £150 or $245 for a Titleist 909 F2 Wood brand new. Not the most affordable golf club around, but Titleist golf clubs generally are aimed at serious golfers, and their prices do usually reflect that.


Looks: 7/10         Easy To Hit: 8/10       Forgiveness: 9/10

Distance: 7/10     Workability: 8/10       Value For Money: 8/10

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