Titleist 909 D3 Driver

Titleist 909 D3 Driver

The 2008 Titleist 909 D3 Driver is a fairly recent addition to the market, and like with most Titleist Drivers it is aimed primarily at mid to low handicap golfers.

The 909 D3 is similar in looks and design to the Titleist 909 D2 and also the 909 DComp, however the 909 D3 has a slightly smaller 440cc head.

The lofts available on the Titleist 909 D3 are 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees.

The standard stock shafts for this Driver are the Diamana Blue 65, and the Aldila VooDoo. The model we put into practice was a 10.5 degree model, equipped with the Diamana blue shaft in stiff flex. Though as with many other Titleist Drivers of recent years, there are a range of shafts available for a personal fitting.

We found that this Titleist Driver is definitely not the longest off the tee that Titleist has ever produced. A lot of drives do sometimes tend to fly on a slightly flat, high trajectory, which does often result in a slight loss of distance. Also means that this probably wouldn't be the best club to use on a very windy day.

However this was with the 10.5 degree loft, the flat trajectory problem could possibly be addressed with a lower loft. If you are going to try this club out then it may be a good idea to start with the 8.5 degree model initially.

Despite finding the Titleist 909 D3 to not be an overly long Driver, the club did seem to be quite forgiving. Which isn't something that you would usually expect in a golf club from Titleist made mainly for better players, but in the 909 D3, accuracy and reliability were quite impressive.

Maybe eight or nine times out of ten this Driver will send the ball where you aim it. Even miss-hits with this club were not severely punished, this certainly seems to be a more forgiving driver than the Titleist 909 DComp and 909 D2 overall.

Another good thing about the 909 D3 Driver is that along with the impressive forgiveness, we saw that it is still quite user friendly for players who want to work the ball with the Driver. It's possible to fade and draw the golf ball with equal ease for the player who knows what they're doing.

Overall the Titleist 909 D3 is a good and solid Driver, while not particularly long, it's certainly an efficient golf club for workability. Anyone who likes to manoeuvre their drives should enjoy playing with this Driver.

In terms of price, the 909 D3 Driver as of 2011 represents very reasonable value, you can generally pick one up brand new for around £90 or $143. If you're a good player who's serious about their golf game, it is definitely a Driver worth looking at.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 7/10
Workability 8/10
Value For Money 8/10

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