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TaylorMade Wedge RAC Chrome Head

The 2009 RAC Chrome TaylorMade Wedge is, like the majority of wedges, aimed more at the better and more skilled golfer. A player who wants a great amount of control when playing around the green, and hitting from 80 yards and in.

This particular model is available in many different lofts, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees of loft are available in right hand. With only the 52, 56 and 60 degrees versions being available in left hand.

We put the 56 degree model, which has a bounce angle of 12, through it's paces to get a picture of what the RAC Chrome Wedge can do. The shaft equipped was the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft in stiff flex.

TaylorMade Wedge RAC Chrome Side On

To start with this is definitely a nice looking TaylorMade wedge. Some wedges produced in the last few years can look a bit ugly both in the bag and in your hands, but the Taylor Made RAC Chrome Wedge is a very nice looking golf club.

A lot of wedges can be a tad on the heavy side with regards to weight, but the RAC Chrome wedge we found was actually relatively light-weight compared to what was expected.

But this wedge is possibly one of the easiest to spin the ball with. Really good players may argue that it's easy to spin the golf ball with any wedge, but the RAC Chrome one is definitely one of the best.

It was just so easy to hit and control. Even a player of lesser ability could benefit and lower their scores from using this wedge.

There only thing really to be slightly cautious about with the RAC Chrome. Was that it could occasionally be a little bit unforgiving and drift the ball slightly offline if you make a bad swing on the longer shots of over 60 yards or so.

But this literally was very rarely, and it was only really when either a three quarter swing or more was required for a shot. And when you hit the ball well from this distance, you still had an amazing amount of control and feel at your fingertips.

The 56 degree model in particular was very effective for playing out of green side bunkers, it really got under the ball well and brought it to a stop quickly.

This was also the case out of greenside rough, from here as well this wedge just gets under the ball and digs it out so easily. And unless the green is extremely, firm the ball doesn't run away from you either.

Another good point to mention is that this TaylorMade wedge doesn't cost you lots of money by tearing chunks out of your golf balls. Some of the modern wedges can really give your golf balls a pounding, and force you to part with your cash often to constantly replace them, but the TaylorMade RAC Chrome wasn't bad at all.

Just now in 2011, the price of one of these wedges is around £60 or $97. Which is very good value for money, for a wedge which will be hard to beat on performance.


Looks 10/10
Easy To Hit  9/10
Spin 10/10
Forgiveness  7/10
Distance Control  9/10
Value For Money 10/10

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