TaylorMade Rescue 09

TaylorMade Rescue 09 Head

From the company that brought us the original Rescue, the 2009 version of the acclaimed TaylorMade Rescue club is a very nice looking golf club featuring some lovely, simple graphics. Designed with quite a compact club-head intended to give a golfer more control on each shot.

The range comes in 4 clubs. A number 2 Rescue at 17 degrees of loft, a number 3 at 19 degrees, a number 4 at 22 degrees, and a number 5 at 25 degrees of loft.

The standard stock shaft for a TaylorMade Rescue 09 club is the Aldila RE*AX 65 gram graphite shaft, available in stiff and regular flex.

The model we tested was the number 3 Rescue, fitted with the standard Aldila REAX shaft mentioned above, in regular flex.

As mentioned the heads on the Rescue 09 clubs from TaylorMade are a bit on the smaller side, which can be something that puts a few higher handicappers off from trying some golf clubs.

However the Rescue 09's do set up very well, and as well as looking great in the bag, also looks great sitting behind the golf ball at address.

Probably one of the first things that most golfers will notice is that these TaylorMade Rescue clubs are fairly light in weight. Obviously this is something that will not bother some golfers, but may take a few practice swings to get used to for others.

Despite the smaller than usual club heads, this was still one of the easiest to hit hybrid clubs we've seen.

There is quite a large margin for error and almost every shot that is hit at least half decent, produces a very penetrating, powerful ball flight. Whether it was from the tee or the fairway.

The club also catches the golf ball very well out of the rough, but the flight generally isn't quite as powerful, however this is to be expected.

But off the tee or fairway, the penetrating ball flight is there whatever shot type you try to put on the ball. We found playing for fade and a draw both achievable with equal ease using the TaylorMade Rescue 09 club.

While we think that there are a small number of more workable Hybrid clubs on the market just now. This is still probably one of the easiest to manipulate the flight of your shots with.

Though Hybrid clubs generally are pretty easy to work the golf ball with, and the Rescue 09 is certainly no exception.

But the forgiveness that many golfers often associate with Hybrid clubs is also present with the Rescue 09. As mentioned, if you play for a draw or fade you can achieve it without needing much effort.

But if you play courses where it's better to just hit straight, down the middle shots most of the time. You can also trust one of these clubs to deliver that.

Distance wise we found that this club performed almost identically to the TaylorMade Burner Rescue 08, which means you get good power, but nothing fantastic. But distance is not really something that most players are after when looking at using a Hybrid club.

Even though the ball flight is more powerful with the Rescue 09 as opposed to the 08 model, we found that more often than not they will both give you the same yardage.

But the sound at impact with the Rescue 09 we tested though was very, very nice, and was the icing on the cake with the good, well struck shots.

Overall we can't really say many bad things about the TaylorMade Rescue 09 hybrid from what we saw. It is reliable, workable, easy to hit, and also looks and sounds great. If you're already a player who likes to use Hybrids, you are certain to like this club.

Value wise one of these clubs would have cost quite a bit of money when they were first released. However the price has come down since then and as of 2011, a brand new Rescue 09 Hybrid generally costs around £120 or $190.


Looks: 10/10         Easy To Hit: 9/10       Forgiveness: 8/10

Distance: 7/10       Workability: 8/10       Value For Money: 7/10

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