TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood Head

Another great looking addition to the golf club market is the 2009 TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood. Along with some nice looks the R9 Wood range is fitted with Flight Control Technology, allowing golfers to change the face angle, loft and lie.

The range comes in a 3-wood at 15 degrees of loft, a 4-wood at 17 degrees, and a 5-wood at 9 degrees.

However just one of these woods can be looked at as 8 clubs in 1. Eight different club head positions are available in a single R9 Fairway Wood, the weights in the head can be adjusted in seconds.

At most retailers the R9 Fairway Wood comes fitted with the 70g Fujikura Motore Graphite shaft in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex, in both left and right hand.

The model we tested was the 3 wood and this was fitted with the Fujikura shaft mentioned above in regular flex.

The club definitely looked good at address, and like with most TaylorMade Woods set up well behind the ball. The club did however feel slightly lighter than a lot of other Fairway Woods, but not to the extent that it should be a problem for most golfers.

From the tee the TaylorMade R9 3 Wood was brilliant, it is very forgiving and very powerful. We found it to be a very consistent club as well as being long, though probably not quite as powerful as a Wood in the Burner Fairway Wood range, also from Taylor Made.

The distance here though was pretty constant, even shots that aren't struck too well with the R9 Woods should still travel a very decent yardage for most golfers.

Not only was the club pretty easy to hit off the tee, but off the deck it was also a good club for getting the golf ball airborne. Certainly this is a quality that may appeal to mid to higher handicappers looking for a user friendly Fairway Wood.

The ball flight on most shots was usually about a mid trajectory, which isn't a bad thing. Many of today's Fairway Woods can launch the ball on a very high trajectory, and sometimes present you with some problems in windier conditions.

Another good thing to note was that the TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood produces a very nice sound at impact. Even when you try to hit it very hard, the noise is never too loud, just a consistent nice ping that's very easy on the ears.

In terms of using the Flight Control Technology, which is the main feature of the R9 Wood range. Well it is there to be used but we didn't really think that there was a great need to use it a lot.

This wood is actually pretty easy to work the ball with the head on a neutral set up. Though you do have the option of altering the club head position to give you a fade or draw bias with the FCT, and it definitely will give you the desired effect when used.

But a competent and capable golfer who knows what they are doing should have next to no problems playing for a fade or draw anyway, without the effort of altering the club head much, or even at all.

However as stated the FCT is still a useful feature to have for any level of golfer who wishes to use it.

Lastly the price of one of these Fairway Woods in the R9 range was originally very high, but it's a bit more reasonable of late. Brand new as of 2011 a TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood generally costs around £140 or $222.

Not bad value just now, considering that it is potentially 8 golf clubs in 1.


Looks: 8/10           Easy To Hit: 9/10         Forgiveness: 8/10

Distance: 9/10       Workability: 10/10       Value For Money: 7/10

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