TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Fairway Wood

taylormade r7 cgb Max Wood Head

The 2007 TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Fairway Wood range come equipped with TaylorMades moveable weight technology. Something that will appeal to the golfers who like to tweak their own equipment.

The CGB Max Wood head is fitted with 3 moveable weights, which Taylor Made say will give a golfer around 22 yards of flexibility in their shot type from left to right.

There is a 3, 5, and 7 wood available in the range. The model we tested was the 3 wood fitted with a recommended LIGHT WEIGHT 45G RE*AX Graphite shaft.

The option is there for players to move the weights around a bit, but for our tests we just left the head on neutral setting.

taylormade r7 cgb Max Wood screws

At address, like in the case of the TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Driver, it's impossible not to notice the unconventional red colour on the top of the head.

It will be to some peoples tastes more than others. However that aside the bullet shape of the head does look nice, and sets up well behind the ball.

The first thing noticed when hitting the 3 wood was that the ball really jumps off the face, the golf ball flies very well for the first second or two of a shot.

The feeling at impact was also very nice, as is usually the case on most of TaylorMades Woods and Drivers. Even when a shot wasn't hit well the feeling was still ok.

Despite the nice spring you get off the face, in our opinion the ball flight produced was generally a tad on the high side. This club could sometimes be a bit too easy to launch at times.

However the high trajectory could perhaps be helped slightly with some manipulation of the weights on the club head.

taylormade r7 cgb Max Wood Address

But due mainly to the fact the 3 wood was very easy to launch, the R7 CGB Max performed fantastically well for hitting off the fairway. It was almost as easy to hit from the ground as from a tee.

And in terms of forgiveness, the TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Wood performed well also. This would probably be a good fairway wood for mid to high handicappers. While not being ultra forgiving, you will certainly be let off with the majority of bad strikes.

The power this club produced was generally very good. Despite the higher trajectory on most shots the carry could be very impressive.

However this may be harder to achieve if you're hitting into a very stiff wind. Something that should probably be considered when players look at this club.

Overall though the R7 CGB Max is certainly a good reliable Fairway Wood. Safe and efficient off the tee, and fantastic for launching the ball off the fairway.

You get decent distance, but not quite as much as with the Burner Fairway Wood from TaylorMade, which we found to be a very long club indeed.

But for us, despite the many good qualities of the TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Wood, the club on the whole just launched the golf ball a bit too high for our liking. But each golfer will have their own opinion on what they are after for their game.

Currently in 2011, the price of this club is something that will probably appeal to a lot of golfers. You can purchase one of these Fairway Woods brand new for around £97 or $161 just now at most retailers.


LOOKS __________________ 7/10

EASY TO HIT _____________ 10/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 8/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 10/10

DISTANCE _______________ 7/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 8/10

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