Taylormade R7 CGB Max Driver

by Petie3
(Redlands CA)

As a club junkie I have 6-7 Drivers I have to choose from each week. Taylor's R7 and R7 CGB are two, and I really enjoy the trial and error of weight selection. Once you get the club matched to your swing, it produces a long, high, straight flight time after time. If you want a higher/lower swingweight without changing the fade/draw bias, merely put a higher/lower weight in the center position; they are readily available. The R9 is similar to the R7 but with three weights. The Slider, R15 and M1 started the trend to sliding weights, which complicate the design somewhat, and I prefer the R7 Design. Proof is that they are still highly sought-after and bring a premium on Ebay for good examples.

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