TaylorMade Burner Driver 2009

The TaylorMade Burner Driver 2009 is the updated version of the 2007 Burner. The 2009 model is similar in looks with the bullet club head shape, though the face on this driver is a bit larger than the 2007 version with a bigger sweet spot.

The lofts available for the club are 9.5, 10.5, and a high trajectory 12 degrees. With the 9.5 and the 10.5 being the only lofts available in left hand and right hand.

The club is fitted with a RE*AX SuperFast 49g shaft, which is designed to increase swing speed and hence give a player some added distance. Various flexes are available and in our tests the Burner was equipped with the regular flex RE*AX.

The club is overall quite light in weight, and when you first hit some balls you'll probably pretty quickly notice that the 2009 model generally hits the ball a bit further than the 2007 Burner, maybe by as much as 20 yards or more on well hit drives. It really is quite a powerful golf club.

Along with this, another nice quality of the TaylorMade Burner Driver 2009 was the sound at impact, very solid and powerful, no matter how hard or softly the golf ball was hit. The impact sound is something that you don't get tired of hearing.

And the impressive distance the club gives is backed up by a very decent amount of forgiveness. The large face really does help players to hit the ball well, and keep most drives in the fairway. It also really is an easy club to play with, even higher handicappers should not find this driver difficult to hit.

Everyone we spoke to who had tried this Driver felt very confident at address holding it in their hands. This is definitely is what you would call a confidence inspiring club.

Similarly though to the 2007 Burner, this 2009 version is not really the easiest club to work the golf ball with.

The good and capable players will be able to achieve some results, but if you're a golfer who's looking for a Driver that you can work the golf ball easily with, this club probably wouldn't be number 1 on the list.

But comparing the 2007 and the 2009 Burner Drivers overall, the 2007 Burner will give you more accuracy, where as the 2009 Burner definitely gives you more distance.

They are both very efficient, well made drivers that are very reliable. If you're not overly concerned with shaping your drives, then we'd recommend this 2009 model to any golfer who is looking for more distance, while at the same time not giving up much in the way of accuracy.

Though higher handicappers may be best trying out the 12 degree high trajectory, as some players we spoke to said that the TaylorMade Burner Driver 2009 could be a bit tricky to get airborne sometimes on the lower lofts, even though the club itself wasn't actually tough to hit.

In terms of price, the 2009 Burner is reasonable value for money just now in 2012, prices are generally around £110 or $174.

There is also a Tour Preferred model available which is aimed at better players, however this is usually a bit more expensive.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 8/10
Distance 9/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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