Review of Nike VR Forged Split Cavity Irons

by Stephen sadler
(Suffolk. UK)

I bought these clubs only a week ago and have to say they are fantastic, and this is coming from a 23 handicapper, not a 16 or below as mentioned in the main review. Initially I had some difficulty, but when I settled down and more importantly, slowed down, the irons seemed to do all the work. You really don't need to try and knock the spots off the ball. The look and feel is great. I based my purchase on a dump find of a 6 and 8 Wilson Augusta blade which I used to practice. The club face had a far better feel than the clubs knocked out for the masses. I went out specifically to find a set that would match the look and feel of the Wilsons. These clubs teach you to address and hit the ball correctly by giving you the confidence to do so. I occasionally push the longer irons but I at least have the confidence to use them. The 6 and up are just fantastic and seem to hold the green well from distance or close up. I am now confident that my handicapp will drop. Thanks nike.

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