Review of Mizuno MP-62 Irons

by Hill Duffer
(Santa Clarita CA)

I am a high handicapper--or at least that's how I've played up until now. I tried dozens of irons at a golf superstore over several hours, hitting hundreds of shots until my left hand almost bled. Result: I hit the MP-62s better than any game improvement iron I tried by any of the major club-makers. Being a high handicapper, shooting in the 110 range, I'm not supposed to hit the MP-62s better, but I did. So I bought them!

Trying them out at a driving range two days ago, I noticed that I was hitting the ball much more consistently than ever before. I probably connected near the sweet spot probably only one in ten times, but even my toe hits and thin hits went far and virtually as straight as the better hits. I only hit about 3 of 90 shots dead on the sweet spot, but still had a much higher percentage of good hits than before.

Why? Search me. But some mid handicappers have said that the MP-62s work well for them. They sure work for me. Last night I went to the range again. Wow, the improvement! I hit 60 balls and only topped one. That's not just a record for me it's unimaginable...except it happened.

One of the first things I noticed about the clubs is that they felt fluid in the take away. With many other clubs I feel a kind of hitch or glitch, a kind of unevenness as I pull the club back. With some clubs, something about the physics of the clubhead does not feel right. The MP-62s feel good all the way back.

Because of greater accuracy, I can begin to swing harder. That means I can begin to develop more power. Last night (my second time at the range with the MP-62s) I hit maybe 15 balls almost dead at the practice flag. I mean, maybe one to three feet off line. Nothing like that has ever happened before. Until last night, I've been lucky to keep a six iron on the fairway. Unless I top it. I even hit the 3-iron well off the mat, though not as much on target as the rest. Of all 60 hits last night, not one sliced. Maybe 4 hooked, but those hooks were more like big draws, nothing catastrophic.

I'm not saying, "Run out and buy these." But here's a surprising result, at least for my swing: when I hit on the toe, the ball still went on target or even did a little draw! It's amazing. Time and again. My biggest fault in hitting is toe hits and except for hits right on the half inch at the edge of the toe, I'm hitting straighter than a center hit with other clubs. To say I'm overjoyed would be to oversimplify.

I also like these clubs for chipping. Yesterday, out of a fairly small number of chips, I sunk four from around 20 feet. I tried the 7-9 and Pitching Wedge from various lies and distances. I struck the ball much more soundly than before, giving me greater confidence.

Definitely hit these in a shootout with other irons. If a 110 hitter can hit them, so can you. Don't be put off by the idea that mid to high handicappers should stick to the massive cavity back clubs. Unless they're not suited to your swing...the clubs could do amazing things for your game.

Have a great one.

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