Review of Callaway FT-IQ Driver

by Stealthking
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Like most golfers struggling with the driver, I just had to try this "most forgiving" driver and like most golfers we then realise that a new driver will not necessarily resolve a slightly outside-in swing.

That being said, it was certainly a more forgiving driver but getting used to its look at setup was a whole different ball game. I know its look had nothing to do with hitting the ball and that I should just put a swing on the club and it should take care of itself, but it really took a while to actually get over the appeareance of the head. A friend of mine who plays off a handicap of 8, had to take two swings at it as he duffed the first ball.....incredible.....but worth the laugh.

Once you get over the looks, it is actually a very good driver. I slowed down the swing speed just getting used to the looks and being careful, but found no real loss in distance (perhaps better rhythm but others suggested this would be a longer hitting club, I'm not sure)

Others who have tried it disliked it for its looks but based on the results I've seen with my driving, I'll keep it for now

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