Review of CAllaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons

by Stealthking
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

For a forged head, the feel is not quite as soft as I had expected, however definitely more forgiving than the x-forged I had traded in for these beauties.

Interestingly the 8-PW had a nice thud feel to it when struck however 4-7 was more a metallic ting/thwack. Hope that golfers can associate with my poor attempt at description of the sound I refer to above, but thats what I meant by not having quite as soft a feel as I though might come from the forged heads. Ok for shorter irons but did not seem that way for 4-7 iron (for me anyway)

Distance was very good especially when you consider the height you get from these irons. Even approaching with 6 iron at around 150m, the ball would take one hop and pretty much sit on the green.

Though classified as a club for mid handicappers, from personal experience, I found it to be almost as forgiving as the X20's and X22's

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