Ping Rapture V2 Driver

Ping Rapture V2 Driver

The 2008 Ping Rapture V2 Driver is the updated version of the original and very successful Ping Rapture Driver, and is a club designed to offer the golfer an excellent blend of distance along with great control and workability.

Most players at first glance will notice that it is an attractive looking Driver, with a classic head design and some nice graphics.

The club comes in lofts of 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees, and all are available in left and right hand versions.

There are two main shafts available for the Ping Rapture V2 Driver. One is the TFC 939 shaft which is quite light in weight and is a also a bit longer than most other shafts.

This wasn't the shaft that we tested, however most of the players we spoke to who have played a Ping Rapture V2 Driver with this shaft fitted, weren't too fond of it. Mostly because the ball flight produced in most drives was a bit too much on the high side.

The alternative shaft, which is the one we trialled on the Rapture V2 Driver in stiff flex, is the Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard shaft.

This is slightly heavier than the TFC shaft, and in our opinion looks a better fit also, as it's not as bright as the TFC either. The loft of the model we tested was 10.5 degrees.

Like many modern Drivers the Rapture V2 has a massive 460cc head, which can be a bit intimidating on some clubs at address, but with this clubs design we felt it set up well.

The Rapture V2 is fairly easy to launch and sounds very nice at impact. You don't get that very loud hollow noise which some of the newer Drivers can make, just a solid thud that lets you know that you're hitting a well-made, quality golf club.

Distance was good, but nothing spectacular we thought. A good player will still be able to hit this club quite long, but it's not a club that's likely to blow many players away by giving them a lot of added distance.

There was a decent amount of forgiveness provided by the Ping Rapture V2. There is a relatively large sweet spot to work with. So as long as you're not way off with a strike, you should be able to keep the golf ball in play quite well with this Driver.

Though if it is solely a very forgiving Driver you are looking for, the G15 Driver from Ping is certainly a fantastic Driver for reliability that we would highly recommend to anybody.

As stated, although the decent forgiveness is there with the Rapture V2, we still found it to be a pretty good club for woking the golf ball from the tee, be it left or right. This is a Driver that will give you a reasonable amount of control over the golf ball.

While some players have complained of the shot trajectory being abit too high with the TFC shaft. We found that the stiff flex Diamana Blue could also give a slightly high trajectory alot of the time.

However it was never really what we would call too high, there was still a good amount of roll on the ball upon landing, and drives generally still penetrated through any stiff breeze.

Overall in our opinion the Ping Rapture V2 Driver is a very good all-rounder. In every aspect that you would look at in a Driver, the Rapture V2 performs well, without ever really excelling.

Also 2012 prices are generally around £120 or $191, making the Rapture V2 an efficient Ping Driver that is certainly worth looking at if you need a new driver.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 7/10
Workability 8/10
Value For Money 8/10

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