Ping K15 Fairway Wood

Ping K15 Fairway Wood Head

The 2010 Ping K15 Fairway Wood is an attractive looking golf club, designed with some sharp graphics. Like the K15 Driver, this club features Pings Straight Flight Technology, which involves placing approximately 10% of head mass in the heel, which helps square the face for consistently straight shots.

If you would like to know more details about the technology involved in the Ping K15 Wood. You can follow this link to the official Ping Golf website, which will open in a new window.

The available woods in the K15 range are a 3 wood with 16 degrees of loft, a 5 wood with 19 degrees, and a 7 wood with 22 degrees. Also like with the driver, the K15 wood features the Ping TFC 149 graphite shaft.

The model we tested was the 3 wood, which has 16 degrees of loft, and the equipped shaft was the stiff flex of the TFC shaft mentioned above.

The club has a very nice weight and balance to it when you first hold it in your hands. The oversize head and large club face also make this a very reliable looking fairway wood.

Like in the case of the K15 driver, the SFT bulge at the heel is very well hidden at address, and doesn't in any way put you off.

When you first hit the club you'll notice that the K15 wood is very easy to hit, and get the golf ball airborne with. It just feels so effortless when you strike the ball, it's a really nice golf club to swing and play with.

From the tee and the fairway, the K15 just seems to sweep the golf ball away so easily. The ball flight more often than not is high and straight, and the golf ball seems to always fizz through the air just after impact, which is a joy to listen to.

If you're looking for an accurate and safe fairway wood, then the Ping K15 is one of the most forgiving woods around. The weighting system really does seem to keep the club face as square as possible at impact, resulting in a lot of straight shots.

In terms of distance, we didn't find the K15 3 wood we tested to be a particularly long club. But the yards it gives you from both tee and fairway is still pretty decent, and due to the clubs excellent forgiveness, it's a very consistent yardage.

So while perhaps not being the longest fairway wood ever, for the main target group of the mid to high handicap golfer, the Ping K15 wood is not far from the perfect club.

Very few woods are as easy to hit from the tee and fairway, while at the same time staying so solid at impact and producing such effortlessly high and straight shots time after time.

Not only that but the Ping K15 also doesn't cost the earth either. As of 2011 one of these fairway woods will usually be priced at around £138 or $226 brand new. A very decent price for a great performing golf club.


LOOKS __________________ 8/10

EASY TO HIT _____________ 10/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 10/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 4/10

DISTANCE _______________ 7/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 9/10

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