Ping K15 Driver

Ping K15 Driver Head

Released in 2010, the Ping K15 Driver is an advanced golf club that features Pings innovative Straight Flight Technology. This technology places approximately 10% of head mass in the heel, which helps square the face for consistently straight tee shots.

If you would like to know more details about the technology involved in the Ping K15 Driver. You can follow this link to the official Ping Golf website, which will open in a new window.

The lofts available for the K15 Driver are 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees. The driver also features the Ping TFC 149 graphite shaft. The model we tested was the 10.5 degree version, fitted with the TFC shaft in regular flex.

The K15s 460cc club-head due to the design does look massive at address, you can't help but feel confident standing over the golf ball. And another good thing is that the SFT mass on the heel is practically invisible at address also.

When you first hit this Driver it's clear that the K15 is a very powerful Driver just like the G15 from Ping was. The K15 feels very solid at impact, and it's really not a difficult driver to hit at all.

The golf ball regularly launches high and straight and even with a slight draw some of the time. Any golfer who often struggles with a slice when using the driver, could definitely see benefit in using the K15, the weighting of the club really does seem to help in that department.

It's actually very difficult to hit a bad drive with this Ping driver. The good power you get is pretty effortless, along with the extremely reliable accuracy.

A result of the excellent reliability and forgiveness of the K15 though, is that working the golf ball from the tee isn't something that this Driver is great for. Though as mentioned achieving a moderate and powerful draw quite regularly is possible.

The Ping K15 Driver is a golf club that offers a nice combination of solid distance along with superb accuracy and forgiveness. It is a Driver that we highly recommend, particularly to the main target market of mid and higher handicappers.

Also another good thing about the K15 is the price, for a newer club from a quality manufacturer, it represents reasonable value in our opinion. As of 2012 a k15 Driver brand new will generally cost around £200 or $318.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Distance 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 7/10

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