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Ping i10 Irons Head

Released in 2007, the Ping i10 Irons are primarily designed for the better standard of player, mainly the mid to low handicapper.

In comparison to some other Ping models, these irons have nice looking, well designed club heads, and the graphics aren't too bad either.

Graphite and steel shaft options are available, with the i10 irons we tested being fitted with AWT steel shafts in regular flex. As always though it's best to get fitted personally with individual specifications that you feel comfortable with.

These irons generally got a mixed review from ourselves as well as most players we spoke to. They seem to be the sort of irons you either love or hate. You could say it's a case of you're either a player who can play well with them, or you're not.

The heads are a tad on the small side but they look fairly good at address, they sit behind the ball quite well and don't look like they would be overly difficult to hit.

In truth we found that they are actually quite easy to hit, the problems that some of us noticed with the i10s only showed up when the ball was in the air. The main one being a general lack of distance through the set.

The ball comes off the face solid enough, and initially the flight is quite penetrating. But the golf ball seems to run out of steam quite quickly, a few players we spoke to complained of not getting as much carry as they'd usually expect to get, and we saw that quite regularly as well.

However whether the i10s carried the expected distance or not, they were always very forgiving on the accuracy front. If you're a golfer who often struggles to keep their iron shots online, then the Ping i10s could be worth a second look.

Along with the distance though, another slight problem was that the i10 irons were difficult to work the ball with. It was possible to produce a slight fade and draw, but it wasn't very easy, a lot of effort was often required. Because of the impressive forgiveness of the clubs.

But to sum the i10 irons up from what we saw, they do give very reliable accuracy, but unfortunately quite often seem to give up a lot of distance, and this could be on well hit shots as well as bad. However other shafts fitted on these clubs could possibly produce quite different results in performance.

In terms of price, the Ping i10 Irons represent very good value as of 2012. The steel shaft irons generally retail at around £220 or $349, while the graphite shaft models are usually around £250 or $396.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 8/10
Control 7/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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