Ping Hybrid i15

Ping Hybrid i15 Head

Launched in the summer of 2009, the i15 Ping Hybrid has a much more traditional shape and design to it than Pings G15 Hybrid, and is really just a better golf club to look at overall in our opinion.

Along with that, the target market of the two clubs is also different as well. While the G15 Hybrid was made as a game improving club, the i15 is aimed primarily at the better standard of golfer, who will want a lot of control over the golf ball.

There are three lofts available for the i15 Hybrid, with 17, 20 and 23 degrees being on offer.

The two main shafts that you can choose from for the i15 Ping Hybrid are the TFC 700H graphite shaft in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex, and the UST Mamiya AXIVcore Tour Red 85 shaft, also in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex.

The i15 Hybrid we tested was the 20 degree model, equipped with the TFC 700H shaft in stiff flex.

The club does have a decent weight, and also looks and sets up well at address. Players will likely notice the attractive silver top line, along with there being very little offset.

On to performance, and the i15 Hybrid certainly delivers on workability. Better golfers and lower handicappers often have a tendency to avoid the use of Hybrid clubs, but with the amount of control available in this Ping Hybrid, that could change for some players.

Playing for both a fade and a draw are equally quite easy, and more often than not the ball flight produced is quite penetrating, with the golf ball really flying off the face at impact.

But the i15 Hybrid is also forgiving enough that it's still a club that better golfers should have no trouble hitting dead straight either when they want to.

Though being a great golf club to hit from the fairway and the tee. The i15 wasn't quite as easy a club to hit from the rough as what the G15 is. It seems that the more traditional design of the i15 doesn't quite get through the longer grass as much as what the G15 head does.

However if you are a more capable player, who's in the fairway more often than not, it may not be something that concerns you much.

In terms of power, this was where the i15 Hybrid was very similar to the G15. Despite the i15 having a slightly lower ball flight most of the time, both clubs are capable of producing some impressive carries. Though the i15 would probably be a better club to have in the bag if playing in high winds.

Summing up though, this Hybrid is definitely a club that can back up some nice looks with some impressive performance. Ping have been producing quality clubs for players of all abilities for many years, and the i15 is a quality club aimed at better golfers that doesn't disappoint.

Also the price of the i15 Hybrid isn't too bad for a golf club aimed at lower handicappers either. A brand new i15 Ping Hybrid, as of early 2011, generally costs around £140 or $227.


LOOKS ________________________ 8/10

EASY TO HIT ___________________ 7/10

WORKABILITY __________________ 9/10

FORGIVENESS _________________ 7/10

DISTANCE ______________________ 8/10

VALUE FOR MONEY _____________ 7/10

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