Ping G20 Irons

Ping G20 Iron

The 2011 Ping G20 Irons are a follow up to the G15 Irons, and they are clubs intended mainly for the mid to higher handicap golfer. Designed to offer a good deal of forgiveness and reliability.

The irons come in both graphite and steel shafts. The models we studied were fitted with the CFS steel shafts in regular flex.

At address the Ping G20 irons do set up well, which helps inspire a bit of confidence. Though sometimes the cavity can be visible on some of the longer irons.

The first thing that becomes clear when you first hit these clubs is that they are fairly easy to hit. The G20 irons really do launch the golf ball quite high a lot of the time. Even the mid and longer irons launch the golf ball on a fairly high trajectory much of the time.

Not only are they pretty easy golf clubs to hit, there’s also the fact that the Ping G20 irons feel very nice and smooth at impact. Whether hitting from the fairway or the rough, the G20 irons really do get through the golf ball very well.

Along with that, the Ping G20 irons also deliver extremely reliable forgiveness, and generally go very straight. These are very accurate irons that should always keep any golfer in play.

The distance the G20 irons carry the golf ball is also quite impressive. So while not quite as long as some of the other game improving irons on the market, the higher than usual ball flight the G20 irons create doesn't really result in any loss of distance.

A consequence of the higher ball flight is that if you get an approach online and get the yardage right, you can feel pretty confident that the golf ball’s going to finish pretty close. Even on harder greens, the shorter G20 irons in particular, can bring the golf ball to a stop very quickly upon landing.

Being mainly designed as game improvement clubs, the G10s are very straight and thus quite difficult to work the golf ball with. Though this probably wouldn’t be much of an issue for most of the main target group of mid to higher handicappers.

Overall though the Ping G20 irons are an extremely impressive set of golf clubs. They are easy to hit, very forgiving, launch the ball high and will likely give most golfers that use them a lot of extra confidence.

This is definitely a set of clubs you should look at if you're a mid handicap golfer looking to improve and cut some shots from your handicap. They really do make the game of golf seem very easy at times.

As of 2012, the irons are admittedly quite expensive. However you do get one of the most trust worthy irons around just now for your money. Generally the Ping G20 irons retail at around £500 or $791 with steel shafts, and around £600 or $949 for the graphite shaft models.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Control 9/10
Workability 5/10
Value For Money 8/10

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G20's have been fantastic, even for this 4 hdcp. 
I've played ping irons since the eye2's first hit the market. All I can say is ping works for me. I've played to a 1, and curantly maintain a 4 handicap. …

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