Ping G20 Driver

Ping G20 Driver

The 2011 Ping G20 Driver is a golf club intended for use by a wide range of ability levels, low, mid and even higher handicappers in some cases. Like with the earlier G10 and G15 models from Ping, the G20 also sports a very large 460cc club-head.

The club also features Pings external weighting which positions the clubs centre of gravity for high launch and low spin in order to maximize both distance and accuracy. More info on the technology of the Ping G20 Driver can be found at the Ping Golf website.

The available lofts for the G15 Driver are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees respectively.

The G20 Driver we tested was the 10.5 degree model, fitted with the Ping TFC 169D Graphite shaft in stiff flex.

The Driver does feel and look good at address. The large G20 club-head sits behind the ball very well and you can't help but get a confident feeling when standing over the ball.

When you first hit this Driver it's clear that the G20 is a powerful golf club. The sound at impact especially is wonderful and just screams power. The club is easy to launch and this seems to be the case no matter where about on the face you strike the golf ball.

The impressive distance and ball flight is always there, even if you have a somewhat inconsistent swing, you can still hit consistently high and long drives with the G20. The club really does do a lot of the work for you.

The G20 Driver is also fairly forgiving. Though the power is always there, poor strikes can sometimes be punished on the accuracy front.

The large head does have quite a large sweet spot, but if you‘re quite a bit off centre then the golf ball can drift a bit offline. However this is never really to a large degree, and you’ll still likely always be in play.

But if you’re a player who likes to work the golf ball off the tee, then the G20 Driver is certainly a versatile club when it needs to be. We found that playing for a fade was slightly easier than playing a draw, but both are equally possible with decent results, without having to use a huge amount of effort either.

Quite simply the Ping G20 is definitely a golf club that can satisfy any golfer of any ability level.

The driver is easy to hit and get airborne, has a lot of power, and has enough forgiveness for the mid and higher handicappers, while also providing a reasonable amount of workability to the lower handicap players. This truly is a golf club for all.

Also for what the club can give you in performance, it is pretty good value as well in our opinion. As of 2012 a Ping G20 Driver brand new will usually cost you around £250 or $396.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 8/10
Workability 7/10
Value For Money 8/10

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