Ping G15 Hybrid

Ping G15 Hybrid

Released in 2009, the Ping G15 Hybrid most likely wont be the prettiest looking Hybrid that you'll ever set your eyes on. The club has a very slim design with increased offset, and at address it can actually look a lot like an iron.

However this club is of course intended to be far easier to hit than a genuine longer iron would be, thus is generally aimed more at mid to higher handicap golfers.

The G15 Hybrid range does come in a broad selection of 5 lofts, which are 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees respectively.

A variety of shaft options are available in both steel and graphite for this Ping Hybrid, more information can be seen if you follow this link to the Ping website, which will open in a new window.

The Ping G15 Hybrid we tested was the 23 degree lofted model, equipped with the Ping TFC 149H graphite shaft in regular flex.
Though the G15 as mentioned did have a look very similar to an iron at address, it's still an extremely easy club to hit.

It's as if that no matter what part of the club face makes contact with the golf ball, the gold ball will fly straight. The head just stays so solid and firm at impact, very little distance or accuracy is lost on miss-hits.

It's sometimes hard to tell, but there is a slight difference in the feel you get when you catch a shot off the toe or the heel for instance, as opposed to the centre of the face. So you do still know when you haven't caught a shot just right, even if it looks fine in the air.

Getting the ball up and airborne with the Ping G15 Hybrid is almost as easy as it's going to get with this type of club. Whether it's off the tee or the deck, the 23 degree model tested got the golf ball up so quickly almost every time, with a resultant soft landing as well.

The design and shape of the head also seems to help when hitting shots from the rough. The G15 Hybrid seems to cut through the longer grass brilliantly, and really gets the golf ball away well from some difficult lies.

On top of all that, the power of the G15 Ping Hybrid is also pretty good. Despite the ball flight of shots often always being a bit on the high side, the carry observed was actually quite impressive.

This would be a very good golf club to have in your bag if you were facing down a longer par 3 of over 200 yards or so, provided you don't have a massive wind against.

There really isn't anything negative to say about the performance of this Ping Hybrid, although may have to get past the looks and design initially. The Ping G15 is everything that a Hybrid golf club is meant to be, powerful, reliable and extremely easy to hit.

As of 2011, the price of a brand new Ping G15 Hybrid is around £119 or $191, which isn't cheap but not overly expensive either considering the outstanding performance that the club gives the target audience.


Looks: 6/10         Easy To Hit: 10/10       Forgiveness: 10/10

Distance: 8/10     Workability: 3/10         Value For Money: 8/10

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