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Ping G10 Irons Head

The 2007 Ping G10 Irons are clubs designed to offer a lot of forgiveness and reliability, which is something intended to appeal to the mid and higher handicap golfer.

They are similar in looks to the i10 irons from Ping, and come in graphite and steel shafts. The models we studied were fitted with AWT steel shafts in regular flex.

At address the face on the Ping G10 irons looks very large, and thus inspires a lot of confidence. You do feel like you're going to hit a good shot when you're holding one of these irons.

The first and most obvious thing that becomes clear when you first use these clubs is that they are pretty easy to hit. The larger head and face means that even the longer irons should be fairly easy to get airborne for most players.

Along with that, the Ping G10 irons also deliver the reliable forgiveness that they promise, and generally go very very straight. You have to really miss-hit a shot badly to get a bad pull or push with the a G10 iron.

The ball flight though admittedly is often a bit high, even in the longer irons. But not so high as that the golf ball balloons on you, so the extra height doesn't really result in a huge loss of distance.

Thus distance wise the G10s performed respectably. They definitely weren't as long as a lot of other game improving irons on the market. But considering the higher trajectory, the golf ball still consistently carried a reasonable yardage.

Most players can learn to be pretty confident from about 120 yards and in with the G10s, when struck sweetly they do produce quite a lot of spin.

Thus if you get an approach online and get the yardage right, you can feel pretty sure that the golf balls going to finish pretty close. Even on harder greens the shorter irons can bring the golf ball to a stop very quickly upon landing.

These clubs probably wont be the best irons to try if you're a player who likes to work the ball. Being game improvement clubs, the G10s are very straight and thus very difficult to work the golf ball with. Though this probably isn't an issue for most of the target group of mid to high handicappers.

On the whole though the Ping G10 irons are an efficient set of golf clubs that do pretty much what they were designed to do. They are easy to hit, very forgiving, launch the ball high and give you a bit of added spin and control.

This is definitely a set you should look at if you're new to the game. The G10s would be a good choice to try if you're looking for your first set of irons, they do make the game of golf easier.

Also as of 2012, these irons are pretty reasonable value for money. Currently the G10s retail at around £370 or $587 for steel shafts, and around £450 or $714 for the graphite shaft models.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 8/10
Control 8/10
Workability 5/10
Value For Money 7/10

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