Ping G10 Driver

Ping G10 Driver

Released in late 2007, the Ping G10 Driver is a very good looking driver. Featuring a huge 460cc titanium head and an extremely large club face, this definitely looks like a seriously mighty golf club.

The lofts on offer for the G10 driver are 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees, and all are available in left and right hand.

Various shaft options can be tried out for the G10, with the 10.5 degree lofted model we tested being equipped with the UST ProForce V2 6060 Graphite shaft in stiff flex.

At address the head does have a more classic look to it than some other drivers form Ping. Although the crescent moon on the top of the head, which is meant to assist slightly with alignment, seems to get mixed reviews from players, but most don’t really see it as a negative.

Other than that though the large 460cc club head does sit behind the golf ball very well, and it’s hard not to have confidence in the Ping G10 driver when it’s in your hands.

The larger face is designed to make the G10 easier to hit and more forgiving, so that even on off centre hit’s the golf ball will still go a long way and with a higher launch angle.

Certainly from what we observed this is a very powerful Ping driver. The ball really flies off the face, and more often than not the trajectory is high and fantastic, drives really can be a joy to watch.

Results will vary, but almost anyone who uses the Ping G10 Driver is very likely to be quite impressed at just how much distance they can get out of the club.

It was a reasonably forgiving driver in terms of accuracy, but while the great power and distance was pretty constant on every shot, miss-hits and off centre strikes can send the golf ball a bit offline to a certain degree.

However a positive of this is that the G10 is a driver that the better players could certainly use to shape their drives with when required.

It seemed to be perhaps slightly easier to play for a fade than a draw, but the better golfers who know what they’re doing will likely find this driver to be a fairly workable golf club.

There really isn’t much if anything to negative to say about the Ping G10 driver, it’s a clean, classic looking golf club that could literally be used with some success by a large range of handicaps, high and low.

The G10 is also good value for money considering the impressive performance. As of 2012 a G10 driver brand new is generally priced at around £100 or $159, which is likely be in most golfers price range.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 9/10
Workability 7/10
Value For Money 9/10

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