Nike VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver

Nike VR Str8 Fit Tour Driver

Released in early 2010, the Nike VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver is another member of Nike Golf's much acclaimed Victory Red range. The club looks fantastic and is primarily aimed at the more competent and capable lower handicap golfer, and also features Nikes innovative STR8-Fit face angle technology.

At first the scale of adjustment available can seem overwhelming, the Nike VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver provides 32 different face angles to affect shot trajectory and shape. To give the best golfers the workability that many crave.

The Driver comes in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees, with all being available in both left and right hand options apart from the 8.5 degree model, which is only in right hand.

It should also be noted that the head size differs slightly between the lofts. The 8.5 and 9.5 degree lofted models have heads of 440cc in size, where as the 10.5 and 11.5 degree VR STR8-Fit Drivers feature a larger club head of 460cc.

The way the STR8-Fit system works is that the club comes with a special Nike Golf STR8-Fit Torque Wrench as standard. Golfers can then use this wrench to loosen and then re-attach the club head onto the Aldila Voodoo shaft in their desired position.

The wrench is fairly straight-forward to use, and a nice feature is that it produces a beep and has a small LED light to indicate when the shaft is fully secured, letting you know when you're ready to drive away.

Although the huge range of adjustability is there, it has to be said that going by our own experience and that of other golfers we spoke to, it's unlikely that you'll ever need or even want to use it all, but it is a nice option to have at your disposal.

The club head also features an obvious red compression channel, which is designed to significantly increase ball speeds at impact across the whole face, even on miss-hits, and thus producing more power and distance.

We tested the 10.5 degree model, equipped with the standard Aldila Voodoo shaft in Stiff flex.

At address the classic pear shaped head looks good, and the club overall sets up very well, and is simple to line up.

We didn't tinker with the face angle technology very much, but we can say that it certainly does what it was made to do, and does affect the flight of the golf ball in the way that's desired.

Players that like to adjust their golf equipment are likely to be pretty big fans of the feature. Though some other golfers may find it a bit time consuming, even on the range, and as stated earlier may be in the group of people that wont really look to adjust the Nike VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver very often.

In terms of general accuracy the club did seem to be reasonably forgiving for a driver aimed at better players. Though particularly bad miss-hits were still often punished to varying degrees on the accuracy front.

However having seen the very efficient and reliable workability that the club offers. It was also very pleasant to observe that the superb power and ball speeds Nike promised were also produced on many drives.

This Nike VR Driver is incredibly powerful, even on off centre hits the golf ball just flies off the face. But it's even better when you do catch a drive flush, the ball really, really gets out there.

Certainly the good golfers that the club is mainly aimed at, could see many drives approaching the 300 yard mark. This Nike driver actually seems to genuinely be able to give some players up to 30 or 40 yards more off the tee than some other new drivers that are currently available, it really is that long.

There isn't really much if anything negative to say about the performance of the Nike VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver. It should more than satisfy the main target group, and in our opinion could even be an effective club in the hands of decent mid handicap golfers also.

The club also isn't too bad in terms of value for money. As of 2012 the price of a brand new VR STR8-Fit Tour Driver is generally around £130 or $207.

Though with the innovative technology, it is like having many clubs fitted into one.


Looks 10/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Forgiveness  7/10
Distance 10/10
Workability 10/10
Value For Money  8/10

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