Nike VR Pro STR8 fit 11.5 degree driver with stiff Aldila Voodoo shaft

I play off 20 and bought this after buying the VR Pro 3 wood which despite being aimed at the better player suited my swing and is one of the best clubs I've used.

Prior to purchase I was advised that the club hits a low penetrating flight and to opt for the 11.5 which would give a similar trajectory to most 10.5 degree drivers.

It didn't take long to adapt to the club and despite the numerous settings I opted for the neutral setting. As far as drivers go this is one of the best looking at address and when I hit the ball out of the sweet spot I get a long high flight, (it would have been interesting to try the 10.5 for comparrison), that carries a long way. I used to drive my Callaway FT3 a long way but the nike goes and carries further and straighter, (not so many slices).

On average in the summer I can drive 250 yds consistently but up to 300 with a tail wind and a very good swing hit in the middle.

The club is surprisingly forgiving for something that is aimed at better players and if you look about you can pick them up for a bargain price.

Why the club is so good is very likely down to the quality of the components and the Voodoo shaft which is excellent. I haven't been measured for swing speed but the stiff shaft suits me as I tend to be less consistent using regular shafts.

All in all I would strongly recommend this club for low to mid handicappers who hit the ball relatively well.

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