Nike SV Tour Wedge Steel

Nike SV Tour Wedge Head

Launched in 2008, the Nike SV Tour Wedge Steel is a nice looking, well designed and well made golf club.

One impressive thing to say from the off, is that this was the wedge used by Lucas glover when he won the 2009 U.S Open at the incredibly tough Bethpage Black course.

The SV Tour wedge comes in lofts of 52, 54, 56, and 60 degrees, and is equipped with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Steel shaft.

We tested the 56 degree lofted model with 10 degree of bounce, equipped with the stiff flex of the True Temper shaft mentioned above.

This wedge does have a slightly heavier weight to it, but we didn't find the head to be too heavy, as can sometimes be the case with some modern wedges.

But although the larger head on this wedge adds to the weight, it does help you feel more confident when you're standing over the golf ball preparing to hit a shot.

First thing to be said for performance is that the SV Tour can generate a huge amount of spin. Perhaps not quite as much as with the Nike VR Wedge, but almost any golfer who uses this wedge will find it incredibly easy to stop the golf ball with, and spin it back in a controlled way when required.

From 50-100 yards the Nike SV Tour wedge really does offer superb feel and control, even when hitting to a firm green, the golf ball comes to a very abrupt halt.

Not only that, but we found this SV Tour to be a very forgiving wedge on those fuller swings as well. It was very difficult with the wedge we tested, to hit the ball fat or thin or strike it poorly.

Almost every shot felt soft and smooth, and the distance was very consistent as well. Making distance control one of the areas where this wedge performed best.

The Nike SV Tour Steel Wedge definitely is one of the best performing irons on the market for the longer shots of 60 yards or more in to the green.

As for around the green, this wedge excelled most out of the bunker. It was so good for when you need to open the face to pop the ball out and bring it to a quick stop.

But it was actually a pretty decent performer overall in other positions around the green also. Playing a pitch or a flop shot from a decent lie could be done with equal ease.

The club also gets under the ball quite well from heavier rough, again giving you a reasonable amount of control at the same time, with the ball very rarely running away from you.

But overall in our opinion, this wedge was at it's best from 50 yards and more away from the green. If you often have to hit approach shots from this distance at your course, then this is one of the best performing wedges that you can get.

Another good thing is that this club also doesn't chew up golf balls at a rapid rate like a lot of other modern wedges can. Which will save you a bit of money.

Also along with this the Nike SV Tour wedge is very good value for money itself at the current time. You can generally pick one up brand new for around £50 or $80 as of 2011.


Looks  7/10
Easy To Hit  9/10
Spin  9/10
Forgiveness  9/10
Distance Control 10/10
Value For Money  9/10

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