Nike SQ Sumo Irons

Nike SQ Sumo Iron

The 2007 Nike SQ Sumo Irons are primarily game improvement golf clubs, designed to give the mid to higher handicap golfer a combination of reliable forgiveness and impressive distance.

The graphics on the SQ Sumo's do generally get quite mixed reviews, it seems to be the case that people either like them or dislike them.

Graphite and steel shaft options are both available for these Nike Irons, the models we tested were fitted with True Temper Speed Step regular flex steel shafts.

The club head can appear a bit chunky and large at address, and the cavity is quite visible in the longer irons. This doesn't exactly inspire help too much to inspire a lot of confidence, but it's something that like the graphics, will bother some players more than others.

If you can get past the look of them at address, you will likely find the Nike SQ Sumo's fairly easy to hit. Each iron launches the ball very well at impact, the ball flight is high and every shot seems to get a huge amount of air time.

Also on the plus side, this great height doesn't usually result in a loss of distance with these irons, unless perhaps you're hitting against a strong wind.

But really the Nike SQ Sumo irons are one of the most consistent we've seen for producing the same yardage time after time when struck well, and this was through-out the whole set.

Along with the consistent length these irons give, the forgiveness, as intended, is very good. The SQ Sumo irons are very solid at impact and when shots are miss-hit, and with higher handicappers that will be a few times, there is not much punishment.

The distance on badly struck shots remains about the same, and when the golf ball did go a bit off-line, it was generally only by a few yards.

You also don't get a horrible stinging in the hands when you miss-cue with the Nike SQ Sumo's. So it's sometimes difficult to tell when you've not caught one quite right, although there is definitely a better sound at impact when you put a good swing on the ball with these irons.

Because of the higher trajectory, these clubs can generate a decent amount of spin. The golf ball regularly ends up within just a few yards of where it lands on the green for approach shots.

Overall really the Nike SQ Sumo Irons are definitely a good set of clubs for the target group. Maybe not the best looking irons ever, but they perform very well.

And if you are a golfer who is really against hitting long irons, there is an SQ Sumo combo set also available.

Which is a set which consists of 4 hybrids and 4 irons. Instead of a 4-7 set of irons, you get easy to hit hybrids in their place, while the 8-iron up remain as standard irons. This set does cost a bit more than the standard SQ Sumo iron set though.

In terms of value for money, these clubs are pretty good just now in 2012. Prices do vary but you can generally expect to get a brand new set of these Nike Irons for around £180 or $285.


Looks 6/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 8/10
Workability 7/10
Value For Money 9/10

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