Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid

Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid Head

Following the 2007 SQ Sumo Driver and Fairway Wood models from Nike, is the Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid. As usual the Hybrid is there to replace the long irons for players looking for more reliable clubs that are an easier to hit alternative.

The whole SQ Sumo Hybrid range comes in a selection of 4 lofts. The lofts available are 15, 18, 21 and 24 degrees.

The standard stock shaft is a Mitsubishi Diamana graphite shaft that comes in regular and stiff flex options, though other shafts are available for a custom fitting.

We tested the 18 degree model, fitted with the Mitsubishi shaft stiff flex option.

This Nike Hybrid was extremely easy to hit, Nikes unique Powerbow weighting technology is designed to help you get the golf ball up and away, along with giving increased levels of forgiveness.

Which is certainly no bad thing as a lot of golfers we've spoke to over the last few years, do sometimes complain that it has been a bit too easy to hook or over-draw the ball with some Hybrid clubs at times.

But in terms of forgiveness we found this club to definitely be one of the best on the market, a very, very straight Hybrid.

Also the Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid club head really does get through the ball well, and drives through the turf very easily. Regularly giving you a nice, solid feel at impact.

This admittedly wasn't the most workable golf club we've ever seen. But it was still possible to achieve a moderate or draw or slice with enough effort, though it wasn't easy.

Distance was probably the area where the SQ Sumo Hybrid performed best, for Hybrid clubs it was very long. Certainly the 18 degree model we tested was up there with many long 3 irons in terms of yardage.

An increase in distance is supposed to be another benefit that comes from Nikes Powerbow Technology.

The ball flight despite being quite high, was powerful and long. Even in higher winds the golf ball wasn't really affected too much.

Due to the high ball flight, the golf ball almost always lands softly, occasionally there are a few bounces on landing before the ball comes to a stop.

But because the ball travels so far in the air, the SQ Sumo is a very good and reliable club to use off the tee. As you can still achieve some impressive distance.

Overall the Nike SQ Sumo is a very long, reliable Hybrid club that should certainly make the game of golf easier for any player who uses it.

It's true that better players who like to work the ball will be better off using long irons than this Nike Hybrid. But mid and high handicappers could definitely knock a few strokes off their game using either one of, or a combination of these Hybrids.

Just now in 2011, the price of one of these clubs can be ridiculously cheap in places, some retailers are selling a Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid for as little as £59 or $95. Quite simply great value for money.


LOOKS _________________________ 6/10

EASY TO HIT ___________________ 10/10

WORKABILITY ___________________ 6/10

FORGIVENESS ___________________ 9/10

DISTANCE ______________________ 9/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ______________ 10/10

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