Nike SQ Sumo 2 Square 5900 Driver

Nike SQ Sumo 2 Driver

The Nike SQ Sumo 2 Square 5900 Driver is the alternative square headed version of the 2008 Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Driver. Which also possesses the very loud and bright colour scheme.

Lofts on offer in this Driver are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 13 degrees, with only 9.5 and 10.5 degree being available in left and right hand. The model we tested was the 10.5 degree version.

Various shafts are available to try out with this club, in our trials we used the Aldila VS Proto 65 shaft stiff flex, and we felt that this was a pretty good match for this club.

Again the unconventional square head may unsettle a few players slightly at address if they're not used to the shape. But like in the case of the Nike SQ Dymo 2 square head Driver, you just need to hit a few drives to get used to the club, and get a decent feel for it.

Also you'll most likely notice that it isn't difficult to get a feel for this club at all. We found it just so easy to hit, the ball seemed to take off and get airborne extremely well with hardly any effort needed.

This would probably be a perfect club for a mid or high handicapper who is intimidated with hitting the Driver. Almost any golfer should be able to learn to get the golf ball up and away off the tee with this Driver after a few shots with the club.

It does have to be said though that this club, like in the case of the Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Driver, is very loud. Perhaps not horribly loud but it is something that may get on your nerves, especially on a day when you're perhaps not playing very well.

The sound of a Driver at impact however may not be overly important to some players, but it is something you would need to decide whether or not you could put up with every round.

Looking at the forgiveness and accuracy, there isn't much to say about this club apart from straight, straight, and straight. Its almost impossible to not hit this club straight up the middle practically every time.

It's so straight that it is extremely hard to try to play a fade or a draw with this club. This Driver really doesn't seem to be made for that.

The Nike SQ Sumo 2 5900 is more for players who just want to be straighter off the tee. If you're a player who struggles to hit the fairway with your tee shots regularly then you have to try this club out, it would be almost criminal not to.

The club was giving up a little bit of distance in relation to how accurate it was. But while it may not be the longest Driver out there, it doesn't need to be. Because almost every drive is in the fairway you really may not care much about distance anymore when using this Driver.

But if you're someone who absolutely, without exception, needs to bomb every drive. Then the Nike SQ Sumo 2 5900 probably wont be quite to your tastes. But that would be a pity because you would be missing out on without doubt one of the most reliable Drivers around at the moment.

The price of the club as of 2012 is also pretty good news. The Nike SQ Sumo 2 Square 5900 Driver can be picked up brand new for around £97 or $159.

Very good value for money for a very reliable golf club, that should inspire confidence in who-ever uses it. 


Looks  6/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Distance  7/10
Workability  4/10
Value For Money  9/10

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