Nike Slingshot Irons HL Combo 2008

Like in the case of the Nike SQ Sumo Combo set. The 2008 Nike Slingshot Irons HL Combo set combines irons and hybrids, and is aimed at making the game of golf as easy as possible for the higher and the mid handicap golfer.

The often intimidating 3 and 4 irons have been replaced with more forgiving, and confidence inspiring hybrids. While the 5 iron and up remain as proper irons.

The clubs are available in either all graphite shafts, or in a combination of steel and graphite shafts.

The hybrids are fitted with the UST Slingshot HL Graphite shafts. And you can choose to have the irons equipped with these shafts as well, or you can get them fitted with True Temper steel shafts.

The models we tested had hybrids that were equipped with regular flex UST Slingshot HL Graphite shafts, while the irons had the True Temper steel shafts in stiff flex.

The irons definitely do have the look of game improvement clubs, but the graphics overall are ok to look at, they're not too bright or eye catching.

Like with most game improvement clubs, we found the Slingshot HL Combo clubs very easy to hit, and more often than not they produced quite a high ball flight.

The hybrids in particular are very forgiving, they are designed with increased offset, which makes it easier for players to keep the club-head square at impact.

This results in very straight and high shots most of the time, even when you don't put that a great swing on the shot. The hybrids certainly will be a great help to the higher handicappers and the golfers who are still fairly new to the game.

The irons in the set were also every bit as forgiving as the hybrids. Some distance could be lost on miss-hits but the forgiveness in terms of accuracy was very impressive. It's difficult to not hit a dead straight shot with these clubs, even when you try.

We have mentioned a slight loss of distance on poorer strikes, but this isn't much of a problem with these clubs. Because like with quite a few of the more recent game improvement clubs, they are effortlessly long.

Moderate and slower swings with these clubs still get the ball to travel considerable distances. And most golfers will agree that this is something that always makes the game of golf more enjoyable, particularly to mid and higher handicap players.

Basically the Nike Slingshot Irons HL Combo set do exactly what Nike claim. They are easy to hit, and produce good distance, while very rarely punishing poorly struck shots.

These clubs would be just about perfect for a newbie or a high handicapper, struggling with confidence or finding it hard to enjoy the game.

The value of these clubs just now in 2012 is also pretty reasonable. Brand new the Nike Slingshot Irons HL Combo set is usually priced at around £180 or $285.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 7/10
Workability 5/10
Value For Money 8/10

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i think these clubs are excellent i used to play with wilson ultra but now i have got the slingshot they look mazing and have amazing accuracy,forgiveness,feel …

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