Nike Slingshot Irons Mixed 2010

Nike Slingshot Iron 2010

Following on from the 2008 Nike Slingshot Irons HL Combo is the 2010 version. Again this is a set of clubs that is designed and intended to make the game of golf as easy as possible.

Like in the case of the earlier 2008 Nike slingshot irons set, the often intimidating 3 and 4 irons have been replaced with more forgiving, and confidence inspiring hybrids, while the 5 iron up to PW remain as proper irons.

It’s also possible though to purchase the set with just the 3 iron replaced with the Hybrid, while the 4 iron remains a standard iron.

The two main shafts available are the True Temper Slingshot steel shafts in uniflex, and the UST Mamiya graphite shafts which are usually in regular flex.

Different combinations are usually available. The whole set, both the hybrids and irons, can be equipped with the graphite or the steel shafts.

Or you can also get a set of these 2010 Nike Slingshot irons where only the Hybrids are graphite shaft, while the irons are fitted with the True Temper steel shafts.

The set we tested were the latter, with the hybrids fitted with graphite shafts while the irons were steel shaft.

These updated 2010 Nike slingshot models don’t quite look as much like game improvement golf clubs as the 2008 models did.

However the irons do have a very thick top line when looking down on them at address, and in the case of the mid irons in particular the cavity is quite visible. But this is something that usually bothers some golfers more than it does others.

But performance wise, much like their 2008 predecessors, both the irons and the hybrids are very easy to hit. Not just from the fairway but also from light rough, it’s not difficult to at all get the golf ball airborne.

The increased offset of the hybrids clubs is designed to make it a lot easier to keep the club head square and solid at impact.

And certainly we saw that the hybrids in particular are very accurate and forgiving golf clubs, even on off centre hits. You’d have to strike one of them very badly to send a shot offline.

Although the irons were perhaps not quite as forgiving as the hybrids on the accuracy front. But again though there is a lot of forgiveness there, and unless you’re way off centre with a miss-hit, the golf ball never really travels very far offline.

But one thing that we weren’t expecting to see was how much distance the irons can give you, something that isn’t always expected in a game improvement set.

While not quite spectacular, every shot struck with one of the irons always produced an impressive carry, and very rarely was much distance ever lost on a poor strike.

Also the fairly high ball flight that all the 2010 Nike Slingshot irons produce makes them pretty reliable for tricky approach shots.

Despite being game improvement clubs, the golf ball regularly responds quite well when landing on the green, and the PW in particular seems to be a very effective club to use for close approaches.

On the whole, like the 2008 versions, the 2010 Nike slingshot irons do deliver what many mid and higher handicappers would want. Which is being easy to hit, producing very decent distance, and offering a large amount of forgiveness on miss-hits and poor strikes.

The clubs would be very suitable for a beginner or a mid to higher handicapper, struggling with confidence or finding it hard to enjoy the game.

In terms of cost, a set of the 2010 Nike Slingshot irons is reasonable value at the moment. As of 2012, a brand new set is generally priced at around £300 or $473.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness  8/10
Control  7/10
Workability  5/10
Value For Money  7/10

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