Nike Irons Victory Red Full Cavity

Nike VR Full Cavity Iron

The 2008 Victory Red Full Cavity Nike irons are a very nice looking set of clubs, made mainly for the mid and higher handicap golfer.

They are designed to offer a combination of great forgiveness and impressive distance, with the intention of helping the lesser ability player to feel more confident in their golf game.

Graphite and steel shaft versions are both available, and in our tests we used models fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts S300 in stiff flex. The clubs did seem to have quite a nice weight to them with those shafts equipped.

As mentioned these irons are very nice looking clubs, the modern VR graphics really are beautiful on Nikes irons. The soles of the clubs are designed to be very deep and thick, in order to make them as easy to hit as possible, and more forgiving.

Also as intended by Nike, they are very easy to hit, the sweet spot is very big on these VR irons which is brilliant for the higher handicappers.

A lot of players who like to use hybrids instead of the often intimidating longer irons in a set, might change their mind if they tried out these clubs.

Most poor strikes aren't really punished all that much, and that's with the longer irons as well as the shorter scoring ones.

It really is difficult to miss-hit these clubs due to the very large sweet spot. But when you do there isn't much to worry about, very rarely does a shot go off-line by more than about 10 yards or so.

But to be honest we found that the launch angle of a lot of shots could be a tad on the high side, and this was through the set, longer irons included.

Even though game improvement irons are supposed to generally give a higher ball flight, we found the VR Full Cavity Irons considerably higher than a lot of other game improvement irons that we've looked at.

On calm days this may not be much a problem for most players, but it was apparent that in windier conditions, using these irons could possibly present a tough task.

However despite this, it is true that the higher trajectory does help to land the ball softly on approach shots. Even on firmer greens the golf ball is likely to consistently come down and settle well, hopefully resulting in more make-able putts and lower scores.

Distance wise we found these Nike irons about average, even with the very high ball flight, the golf ball generally travels round about the same distance as with most other iron makes. But there are definitely longer game improvement sets currently available in our opinion, if that's something that's important to you.

But on the whole though, the VR Full Cavity Nike Irons are one of the better game improvement clubs made by Nike. They are solid at impact and very easy to hit, offering great forgiveness at the same time. Also they're pretty nice to look at as well.

The only down side we can really mention, was the very high ball flight. This isn't something that will bother everyone, but if you play in high winds a lot, it's something you should consider if you try these irons out.

Brand new as of 2012 the VR Full Cavity Irons generally cost around £220 or $349 for steel shaft models, and around £280 or $444 for the graphite shaft versions.


Looks  9/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness  9/10
Control  8/10
Workability  5/10
Value For Money  8/10

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