Nike Irons Victory Red Forged TW Blade

Nike VR Forged TW Blade Iron

The 2008 VR Forged TW Blade Nike Irons are a very beautiful and impressive looking set of golf clubs. Designed with input from the worlds best player Tiger Woods, and also used by him. These are serious clubs for very good, and very serious golfers.

Nike make it quite clear that in their advertising that the VR Forged TW Blades are for low handicappers and skilled golfers. You should really only consider trying these irons out if you are a good player who strikes the ball consistently well.

Because one thing that was evident almost straight away was that these irons were considerably unforgiving. Miss-hits will be punished, no matter who you are.

Not much distance is lost on badly struck shots, but some pretty bad pulls and pushes do occur. How much you miss the sweet spot by determines how far off-line you go with these clubs.

But like with a lot of iron sets, these clubs do get more forgiving as you go up trough the set. While the longer irons can severely punish miss-hits, the mid to shorter irons generally don't go too far offline, it was more common that they just didn't produce as much spin as the well struck approaches.

However no matter what iron is in your hand, along with a bad looking shot. Poor swings with the VR Forged TW Blades also give that horrible stingy vibration that lets you know you haven't hit one well.

Well hit shots however do fly very well with these Nike irons and can be a real joy to watch. And like with most blade irons the feeling of a well struck shot is very nice on the hands, just so soft and smooth.

So like with badly struck shots, the feedback the VR Forged TW Blades give you will also let you know when you've hit a shot well.

But workability and control is where these clubs shine the most. As mentioned these irons were designed with input from Tiger Woods, and he like every great player wants to be able to control and work the golf ball with his irons.

And the VR Forged TW Blades deliver exactly the sort of control that the better players will look for. All through the set, capable players who know what they're doing can shape the ball both left and right with equal ease, and vary the shot trajectory.

If you want to send the ball in low in windy conditions, you can do that with these irons and the ball still checks up pretty good, even on firmer greens.

Or if you're aiming for a tight pin, and need to send the ball in high, the shorter VR Forged TW Blade irons in particular can really zero in to the flag.

However most players will probably have to practice a bit to get used to the spin these irons often generate.

Sometimes when hitting off good lies in the fairway, these irons can produce a considerable amount of back-spin that you perhaps don't always expect. But any good player can adapt to this with enough time and practice.

Overall though the Nike VR Forged TW Blades are a fantastic set of irons for the highly skilled golfer.

Players who play off a 5 handicap or above though would be better perhaps looking at other clubs such as the VR Forged Split Cavity Nike irons perhaps, as they let you off a lot more on miss-hits.

But if you want an iron that gives you great control over your shots, and rewards good consistent ball striking, then these irons are just about top of the class.

As of 2012 the price has come down slightly since initial release. Brand new these Nike irons will usually cost you around £300 or $476 depending on where you look.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 6/10
Forgiveness 5/10
Control 10/10
Workability 10/10
Value For Money 8/10

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