Nike Irons Victory Red Forged Split Cavity

Nike VR Forged Split Cavity Iron

The 2008 VR Forged Split Cavity Nike Irons are made primarily for the competent mid to low handicap golfer. Like many recent irons made by Nike, they are very easy on the eye and do look like a serious players club.

These irons usually come fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shafts, which is the shafts that we tested the irons with, in stiff flex.

They were quite light-weight in comparison to a lot of other newer irons on the market, but it doesn't really take very long to get a feel for them.

Along with looking good in the bag, the VR Forged Cavity's also look very nice at address. They sit behind the golf ball well, and most players are likely to feel very confident setting up for a shot holding one of these irons in their hands.

One of the first things most players are likely to notice with the VR Forged Split Cavity Nike Irons is that they do give you a lot of distance. The golf ball really does fly off the face, whether off the tee or the fairway.

The trajectory you get with these irons is just so powerful and penetrating. It wasn't uncommon for some shots to travel up to 20 yards further with the VR Forged Cavity irons, compared to some others.

Provided you have a decent golf swing, the impressive ball flight and distance is something that is there even on slight miss-hits as well as the good strikes.

Because despite being aimed primarily at better players, we found these Nike irons to be relatively forgiving. As long as you don't miss the sweet spot by a big margin, shots will generally not travel very far offline, and will still go a long way.

Anyone playing off single figures who strikes the ball consistently well, should be able to achieve some very good results with these irons.

As was expected we also found the clubs to be quite user friendly when trying to work the ball. A good golfer shouldn't have any problems manipulating the flight of their shots when required with the VR Forged Cavity's.

It could take a little bit of effort at times, but with enough practice, it's not difficult to be able to get a desired shot shape consistently.

As far as hitting approach shots with the shorter scoring irons, it will likely take most players a bit of time to get used to the extra spring off the face these irons can give you. You may find yourself over-clubbing quite a bit at first.

But once you find your range and start judging yardages more consistently, you are likely to leave yourself a lot more make-able birdie putts.

Because despite the ball flight being a tad on the lower side at times. The golf ball generally comes to rest just a few feet away from where it lands on the green, even on approach shots that aren't particularly struck that well.

Basically we can't say enough good things about these golf clubs, the VR Forged Split Cavity Irons are one of the best on the market just now for the target ability group.

We would recommend these clubs to anyone from a 16 handicap and lower. All through the set good strikes are rewarded, while only the really bad strikes are severely punished.

In terms of cost these clubs admittedly aren't exactly cheap, however the price has come down a bit since initial release. As of 2012 the VR Forged Split Cavity Nike irons are usually priced at around £250 or $396.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Control 9/10
Workability 8/10
Value For Money 8/10

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