Nike Ignite Irons 2010

The 2010 Nike Ignite Irons follow on from the success of the previous 2008 Ignite design. Like the 2008 version, the 2010 models are also aimed primarily at mid and higher handicap golfers, who are looking to make the game of golf as easy as possible.

The set runs from a 4 iron up to an Approach Wedge, though doesn't feature a 3 Hybrid, which was the case with the 2008 Nike Ignite irons.

Like the 2008 models, the 2010 irons are also fairly light in weight, which may suit some players more than others.

Despite arguably not being the nicest golf clubs in the world to look at, the clubs do set up well at address. Though the club face does seem to be a bit smaller on these irons than on the 2008 models.

However it was very pleasant to find that this doesn't make the clubs any less easy to hit and launch at all. Many golfers are likely to see almost instant results when they hit these Ignite irons for the first time.

Even on poorer strikes, these clubs launch the golf ball extremely well, and on a pretty strong trajectory as well more often than not.

A huge amount of forgiveness is in your hands with these clubs. Even on bad strikes and poor swings, it's very rare to see an extremely bad shot when the ball gets airborne.

Any golfer who struggles with finding consistency in their iron play should certainly consider giving the 2010 Nike Ignite irons a try, very few players are likely to be disappointed.

In terms of distance, while we found the 2008 models to be very powerful clubs, these 2010 versions didn't quite seem to carry the golf ball quite as far on the whole.

However this isn't really too much of an issue, as almost all golfers should still be able to hit the golf ball a more than respectable distance with these Ignite Irons.

Approach shots generally respond very well on landing with these irons, as was also the case in the 2008 models. It's actually possible to see a very decent amount of spin with any of the irons in this set, depending of course on the quality of the strike on a shot.

The A Wedge in particular can be a real joy to play with. It's a great club that with enough practice can become a lethal weapon for short approach shots to tight pin placements.

So just like the 2008 models, the 2010 Nike Ignite Irons overall are a very good set for the main target group. They inspire confidence and truly do make the game of golf easier.

But not only do they perform very well, there's the added bonus that the current price for these clubs is also quite low for such a recently released set.

Brand new in 2012, the 2010 Ignite Irons are generally priced at around £200 or $317. Which is very good value for money in comparison to many other new iron sets.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 7/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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