Nike Ignite Irons 2008

Nike Ignite Iron 2008

The 2008 Nike Ignite Irons are golf clubs primarily aimed at the mid handicap golfer. They have quite an attractive design and are not too dissimilar in looks to the Nike SQ Sumo Irons.

The set includes irons in 4-PW, and in place of a 3 iron there is a number 3 steel Hybrid. So as to make hitting these clubs as easy as possible for the target group.

The irons overall are quite light in weight, which results in a noticeable difference when you hold the Hybrid. Some people may almost feel as if it's not really part of the set, but a separate club itself.

However despite this both the Hybrid and all the irons, set up well at address and are very easy to hit. It's not difficult at all to launch the golf ball with a Nike Ignite iron.

Even from the rough as well as the fairway, these irons can catch the golf ball very well at impact and send it up in the air.

Added to that there is also with a very nice feeling at impact, an Ignite iron is very smooth to hit the golf ball with, and you hardly ever get any nasty feedback on a poor strike.

They are also extremely powerful irons. Golfers will be amazed the carry and the distance that can be achieved. A Nike Ignite 6 iron can hit the golf ball just as far, and even further, than the 4 and 5 irons of some other sets.

But not only are the Ignite irons easy to hit while offering terrific power. They are also quite forgiving clubs. Even when a shot isn't struck too well, one of these irons more often than not comes to your rescue, and keeps your shot on line.

Most mid handicappers should be able to achieve consistent and good results with the 2008 Ignite irons. Even if you don't hit the ball well that often, you can still play some relatively tidy golf.

The ball flight produced is on the whole a tad on the high side, though only just. However this does give a bit of extra help for stopping a golf ball on the green.

Approach shots with one of these clubs do get the golf ball responding very well upon landing. Which should result in a few more greens in regulation for most golfers.

Overall the Nike Ignite irons really are a very good set of golf clubs for the intended target group. They tick practically all the boxes that a mid handicap golfer would want in an iron.

Also they aren't too bad in terms of value for money at the current time either. Just now in 2012 the iron Hybrid set is generally priced at around £150 or $235.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 8/10
Control 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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