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While it’s true that Nike golf clubs are fairly new when likened to some other established brands such as Callaway and TaylorMade. Nike clubs are still quite popular with a number of golfers.

Glowing endorsements from the golfing super power that is Tiger Woods has certainly done no harm. With Tiger using Nike golf clubs for most of his successful years of dominance since he won his first major in 1997.

But looking past professional endorsements. Nike genuinely have produced some very good golf clubs over the last few years that have offered in some cases, exceptional performance.

Experienced PGA players such as Stewart Cink, Justin Leonard and of course Tiger Woods, have all had a Nike golf club in their set at some point in recent years.

It is however not only highly skilled and very good golfers that can use Nike clubs. The company actually design and develop golf clubs for a wide range of skill levels, beginner to established player.

The companies Str8-Fit technology in particular, that features on some of Nikes more recent clubs. Offers golfers an easy and quick way to alter their equipment to an extent, for their own needs and ability.

So to find out more about any of the hybrids from Nike Golf that we currently have on review, and how they generally perform. Simply select one of the models below, and hopefully you will find our views helpful and informative.

Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid

Nike SQ Sumo Square Hybrid

To find out more information about the technology and specifications in the manufacture of Nikes Golf Clubs. You can click on the link below to go to the Nike Golf web-site, which will be viewed in a new window.

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