Nike Hybrid SQ sumo Square

Nike Hybrid SQ Sumo Square Head

Following on from the Square Driver and Fairway Wood in the 2007 SQ Sumo range. We now also have a square Nike Hybrid SQ Sumo, for those golfers who like to play with clubs with the square headed design.

The clubs available in this Nike Hybrid range are a number 2 Hybrid with 17 degrees of loft, a number 3 at 20 degrees, a number 4 with 23 degrees, and a number 5 with 26 degrees of loft.

Like with the other more conventional Nike SQ Sumo Hybrids, the standard stock shaft is the Mitsubishi Diamana graphite shaft, with options in stiff and regular flex. Again though other shafts can be chosen for a custom fitting.

The model we tested was the 20 degree number 3 version, fitted with the stiff flex stock Mitsubishi shaft.

Nike Hybrid SQ Sumo Square Head

Like in the case of the square versions of the Nike SQ Sumo Drivers and Fairway Woods, the head design may not be to every players taste at address, and could perhaps take a bit of getting used to.

But if you're a golfer who is already experienced in playing with clubs with the square head design, then there will obviously be no problem there.

These clubs do have quite a large offset, but it actually looks and fits well on this club. The sole is also a bit flatter than on most clubs, which we thought helped in setting the club up at address.

But also along with the looks, a noticeable difference between the square and non-square Hybrid is that this square head club is slightly heavier.

However like with the SQ Sumo non square hybrid from Nike, this club was equally extremely easy to hit. In the case of the SQ Sumo Driver and Fairway Wood, we found the square models slightly easier to hit. But with the Hybrids we found little difference, both the square and non square models are equally very easy to hit.

But also like in the case of the non-square SQ Sumo Hybrid, it wasn't particularly easy to work the golf ball. Due to this being an amazingly forgiving golf club.

A slight fade or draw is possible, but it's not easy and does require quite an extra bit of effort, compared to some other Hybrid clubs that are available just now.

Along with great forgiveness in this club, there's also a very solid feel at impact that is always there, even when you don't hit a shot that well. You don't get any horrible stingy vibration or feedback at all.

The flight of the golf ball you get with this club was again very similar to the non-square SQ Sumo Hybrid. Which is pretty high, but without being too high, resulting in the majority of shots coming down to a soft landing more often than not.

However we found that the ball didn't quite carry as far with this square version. The SQ Sumo Square isn't a short club, but it's definitely not one of the more powerful Hybrids we've seen. The non square SQ Sumo hits the ball consistently further.

Despite that however, the square Hybrid is still a very reliable club to use off the tee. If you're playing a course where distance isn't particularly important, then it's definitely a good club to have in the bag.

The SQ Sumo Square Nike Hybrid is an extremely forgiving golf club that will keep you in play, and hitting consistently straighter shots.

It probably isn't the prettiest golf club ever made, but how a club looks is something that doesn't really matter if you're playing better golf.

Like with the conventional Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid, the square model is exceptional value for money just now, with brand new clubs retailing at as little as £69 or $111 in 2011.


LOOKS _________________ 6/10

EASY TO HIT ___________ 10/10

WORKABILITY ___________ 6/10

FORGIVENESS ___________ 9/10

DISTANCE ______________ 6/10

VALUE FOR MONEY _______ 10/10

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