Mizuno Wood MX-700

Mizuno Wood MX-700 Head

The 2009 MX-700 range of Fairway Woods from Mizuno are a very recent and impressive looking addition to the golf club market. They are very stylish and modern looking clubs featuring some nice graphics, and are very pleasing on the eye.

The range comes in a 3-Wood at 15 degrees of loft, a 5-Wood at 18 degrees, and a 7-Wood at 21 degrees. The stock shaft that comes fitted with the clubs at most retailers is the Exsar FS4 Graphite shaft, in regular and stiff flex.

We tested the 3-Wood model, and this was equipped with the regular flex Exsar shaft mentioned above.

At first glance the an MX-700 wood does set up well and looks good at address. It's hard to not feel confident standing over the ball.

There was quite a contrast in distance between well hit shots and badly hit shots. The good strikes can and do go very, very far, and are regularly dead straight towards where you aim.

But put a bad swing on a shot with an MX-700 Wood and make a poor strike, then from what we saw you will likely lose a sizeable amount of length. Could be anything from 10-40 yards depending on the scale of the miss-hit.

Despite the variation in distance though, the Mizuno Wood MX-700 was pleasantly forgiving on accuracy the vast majority of the time. Even off centre hits hold their line pretty well, despite the loss of a few yards.

Certainly of all the newer Fairway Woods produced in the last year, the Mizuno MX-700 Wood is one of the straightest and most forgiving you are likely to find for accuracy.

Not only is the impressive forgiveness likely to appeal to many mid and higher handicappers. It was also the case that off both the tee and the fairway the MX-700 is a very easy golf club to launch, and consistently produces a beautiful penetrating trajectory.

However when hitting out of the rough, even in the not so thick stuff, it was quite difficult to get a shot away with the MX-700. There are other newer woods available that are a bit easier to use if you get yourself into trouble.

Generally an MX-700 Mizuno Wood is a club that would probably be best suited to mid and higher handicap golfers. It's not really the easiest club to work the golf ball with, but it is very straight, and easy to hit.

The 3-Wood could perhaps be a reasonable substitute for the Driver, but you will only really get good distance when you hit the club well.

Don't catch the ball right from the tee and you'll probably still find the fairway. But you'll more than likely be quite far away from the green, and may need a Wood again for your next shot.

However in terms of cost, this Mizuno wood is quite decent value for money, though maybe not quite as good as the F-60 Wood from Mizuno. Most retailers as of 2011 generally price a new MX-700 Wood at around £97 or $156.


LOOKS __________________ 8/10

EASY TO HIT ____________ 9/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 8/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 5/10

DISTANCE _______________ 7/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 8/10

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