Mizuno MX700 Driver

Mizuno MX-700 Driver

The 2009 Mizuno MX700 Driver that is the successor to the MX560. Featuring attractive graphics and a well designed club head, this Driver will certainly look good sitting in any golfers bag.

The lofts available are 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. With only the 9.5 and 10.5 degree models being available in right and left hand.

Like with most Mizuno golf clubs, there is a wide selection of shafts available for the MX700. The model that we put into practice was the 10.5 degree version, fitted with a Fujikura FIT ON 360 stiff flex shaft.

If you would like to see the selection of custom shafts on offer for the MX700, this information can be found at the Mizuno Golf website.

The club does look good at address, the head is a nice size not being too big or small, and the overall weight of the club is also just about perfect. It does feel good when you first stand over the ball with this Driver.

When we first hit the club one thing that was so noticeable was how easy this club was to hit. It is a Driver, but it's no exaggeration to say that at times it can feel like you're hitting a Hybrid, it really is that user friendly.

In terms of the distance that you can get, this was probably the longest Mizuno Driver we've played, despite the rather high trajectory that can often be produced.

Most players will probably find the Mizuno MX700 around 20 yards further than the MX500 and the MX560 drivers on average. Though overall it's still not quite as long as some other Drivers that are available today.

Over the years many golfers have come to expect great forgiveness and accuracy from Mizuno Drivers, and the MX700 doesn't disappoint. This Drivers performance was very similar to the MX560 in terms of how consistently straight it went.

Nine times out of ten this Driver will generally go where you're aiming. Making this golf club a driver that offers a pretty lethal combination, of impressive distance along with very reliable accuracy and forgiveness.

Another good thing to mention about this MX700 Driver, is that the very irritating sound at impact that the MX560 often produced had has been eradicated.

Now in the Mizuno MX700, there is just a solid thumping sound that you can't help but grow to love. There aren't many Drivers around that make a nicer sound at impact than this one. There isn't really much negative to be said about this model from Mizuno.

Also for what the Driver can give you, it's pretty good value for money if you look at the golf Driver market as a whole. As of 2012 the Mizuno MX700 brand new is likely to cost you around £90 or $143.


Looks  7/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness  8/10
Distance  9/10
Workability  7/10
Value For Money  9/10

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