Mizuno MX560 Driver

A Driver which has been on the market since 2007 is the Mizuno MX560. It's a nice modern looking Driver which sports a very large 460cc club head.

The lofts available are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. With only the 9.5 and 10.5 degree models being available in both left and right hand.

The model we tested was the 9.5 degree version, fitted with a Fujikura 150 shaft in regular flex.

Although the club did look good at address and helped you feel quite confident, it did take a bit of getting used to when swinging and hitting. Probably because it does seem to be noticeably a bit lighter in weight than a lot of other Drivers.

However it doesn't take too long to get comfortable, and once you do get a feel for this driver it does become a pretty easy club to hit. A good drive with this club often feels effortless, as if there was not even a golf ball on the tee.

Looking at the accuracy, this was a pretty consistent and forgiving Driver, the majority of drives with the MX-560 do fly relatively straight. But we would probably say that the Mizuno MX500 was on the whole more forgiving than this model.

The MX500 was a club that sometimes felt impossible to not hit dead straight, but that was never really a feeling we had with the MX560. So if you like to work your tee shots with your Driver often, and are looking at a Mizuno, then the MX560 is likely to be the more suitable club.

The distance that can be achieved with this Driver however is actually very similar to the MX500. Most golfers probably wouldn't notice any difference in yardage between the two models. Again with the case being that a decent player shouldn't have much trouble getting up to and beyond the 250 yard mark.

It does have to be mentioned thought that although this Mizuno Driver feels nice and effortless when hit well. The sound at impact is often always loud, very, very loud. Even slower swings can still produce a noisy hollow type sound on occasion.

If you try this Driver out you will notice this for yourself. You really just have to decide if it is something you would be prepared to put up with, also considering the clubs performance as well of course.

In terms of value for money, this is a very good club at the moment. Added with the extra bonus that you can still pick a Mizuno MX560 up in brand new condition, where you would generally expect to pay around £70 or $111 as of 2012.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Forgiveness  8/10
Distance  8/10
Workability  7/10
Value For Money 10/10

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