Mizuno MP-68 Irons

Mizuno MP-68 Iron

The 2009 Mizuno MP-68 Irons are serious looking golf clubs designed for serious golfers. These irons are intended to offer fantastic control and workability for low handicappers and skilled players.

If you would like to know more information about the technology of the MP-68 irons, and what specifications are available. You can find this information at the Mizuno Golf website.

The set is available from 3-PW, and as is usual with Mizuno golf clubs, a large range of shafts are on offer. The MP-68 irons we studied were equipped with Dynamic Gold R300 steel shafts.

Despite being blade irons aimed at lower handicappers, the MP-68 irons were easier to hit and more forgiving than we thought they'd be.

Miss-hit shots aren't really punished all that severely, you do get the feedback telling you you've made poor contact and a bad shot does go offline, but not dramatically.

Not much distance seems to be lost on badly struck shots either, the carry that the MP-68 irons can produce is generally quite consistent. Always with a very powerful trajectory and penetrating ball flight.

Well hit shots do fly very well with these clubs and can be a real joy to watch. With many blade irons the feeling of a well struck shot is very nice on the hands, just so soft and smooth, and that is particularly true with the Mizuno MP-68s, you'll definitely know when you've made a good swing.

But workability and control is where these clubs shine the most. These Mizuno irons deliver exactly the sort of control that all better players look for.

All through the set, capable golfers who know what they're doing should have no trouble shaping the ball both left and right with equal ease, and varying the shot trajectory.

Whether it's sending the ball in low in windy conditions, or if you're aiming for a tight pin, and need to send the ball in high. These irons can generate spin with ease and really do give you the option to hit whatever shot type you desire.

Overall the Mizuno MP-68 irons are quite simply a fantastic set of irons for the highly skilled and capable golfer.

If you want an iron that gives you great control over your shots, and rewards good consistent ball striking, then it'll be difficult to find a better performing iron on the market just now.

The price of the MP-68s represents pretty decent value also. Brand new you can generally expect to pay around £360 or $576 for a full set in 2012.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 6/10
Control 9/10
Workability 9/10
Value For Money 8/10

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