Mizuno MP-67 Irons

An iron definitely aimed at the better golfer, the 2007 Mizuno MP-67 Irons are a beautifully designed set of clubs that look great, featuring the characteristics of Mizuno's classic blades.

Like with the MP-62 irons from Mizuno, these clubs definitely require a good and repeatable golf swing in order to be effective in a players hands.

As with most blade irons, good strikes feel great, and are rewarded with a good looking shot. The clubs really can feel so effortless at times, and really smooth at impact. You will know when you've hit the ball well and have made a good swing.

However one thing that was very clear was that miss-hits with the MP-67s are relatively short distance wise. The forgiveness accuracy wise isn't too bad for blades, but hit a shot poorly and you likely wont be making the green.

The general results were that a poorly hit shot was about 1 club to 2 clubs short on average through the set. Meaning that a Mizuno MP-67 6 iron poorly hit, goes roughly as far as a 7 or 8 iron would with a good strike.

But the lack of distance on the non-perfect hits with these Mizuno irons, is made up for by the very impressive feel and workability that they give players.

A capable low handicapper who practices regularly should have no trouble setting up for a high launch on an approach shot, or drilling the ball in low in higher winds.

The mid and longer Mizuno MP-67 irons in particular were quite impressive for being versatile with approach shots. With many other iron sets it can be difficult at times to stop the golf ball quickly on the green with the longer irons.

But these irons really do get the ball responding and spinning well on landing, again though this was on the good strikes. Miss-hits that did hit the green with the MP-67s, like with most irons, didn't respond quite so well.

Hitting a fade or draw can be easily achieved with these an MP-67 iron. Though when setting up for one of those types of shots, it's important to hit the ball well and put a good swing on the club.

As miss-hits when setting up for a draw or a fade, could dramatically over do the effect you're after, and produce something close to a full on hook or slice.

Despite this though, as mentioned a slight amount of forgiveness is there, but you have to have a consistent swing that repeats. An inconsistent swing will produce very inconsistent results with the Mizuno MP-67s.

If you're about an 8 or a 9 handicap or lower, and do want to improve and be a better player. You should give these Mizuno irons a look.

They force you to make the effort to get better and improve your swing. Because you will need to have a good swing and find the sweet spot more often than not to get the best results from them.

Prices do vary for the Mizuno MP-67 irons depending on where you look, and it can be difficult to find a set brand new. However as of 2012 it's possible to find good quality used sets for around £140 or $224.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 6/10
Forgiveness 5/10
Control 10/10
Workability 10/10
Value For Money 8/10

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