Mizuno F60 Fairway Wood

Mizuno F60 Fairway Wood Head

The 2007 Mizuno F60 Fairway Wood range is a nice looking set of clubs that are available in both steel and graphite shaft models. Generally these woods are aimed mostly at mid to lower handicap golfers.

The range comes in a 3-Wood at 15 degrees of loft, a 4-Wood at 16.5 degrees, a 5-Wood at 18 degrees and a 7-Wood at 21 degrees.

The stock shaft at most retailers for the graphite version is the Exsar FS3 Graphite shaft, and for the steel shaft model, is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shaft.

The Mizuno F60 model we tested was the 3-Wood fitted with the stock Exsar graphite shaft in regular flex.

Mizuno F60 Fairway Wood Side On

Along with this Mizuno Wood looking pretty nice at address, it is also quite an easy club to hit. Something that was quite surprising considering the F60 is generally a club aimed at more capable players, and the club head isn't exactly massive.

And this was the case hitting from both the tee and the fairway. Even hitting out of the rough, as long as it's not too deep, is not difficult with the Mizuno F60.

But not only that, we found the F60 model we tested to be quite a powerful wood, the club can carry the golf ball some impressive distances when hit well. This certainly has to be one of the longer Fairway Woods available just now.

Though we did find that the ball flight produced more often than not was generally more on the high side, which is ideal for longer approach shots, and some long par 3's.

But although this was an easy club to hit, it wasn't the most forgiving Fairway Wood ever when it came to off centre hits. If you don't have a consistent repeating golf swing, then it could be difficult achieving consistently good results with the F-60.

As such we probably wouldn't recommend this club to a golfer playing off perhaps a 20 handicap or higher, purely because badly hit shots will always be punished to a certain degree.

Thus the F60 definitely was quite a workable club. You can set up to play for a slightly lower trajectory for a tad more run, or a higher ball flight for a softer landing, with equal ease.

Playing for a draw or fade is also not too difficult, but it could sometimes require a bit of extra effort to get a really dramatic effect.

Another thing to note is that the sound at impact of this club is superb, it's really solid and powerful, without being too loud at the same time.

It's harder to find any Wood that will sound better when you hit a shot well than the Mizuno F60. It really adds to the enjoyment of a good round of golf.

So to sum up, the Mizuno F60 is an attractive looking Fairway Wood, that will almost certainly add at least a few yards to the game of any golfer who tries it.

While not likely to be a very forgiving club in a beginner or high handicappers hand, more skilled players will find the F60 to be pretty reliable from both the tee and off the deck.

As of 2011, prices do usually vary slightly between the steel and graphite shaft versions, but both options are excellent value for money just now. Brand new you can purchase a Mizuno F60 Fairway Wood for as little as £65 or $104.


LOOKS __________________ 9/10

EASY TO HIT _____________ 8/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 6/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 8/10

DISTANCE _______________ 9/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 10/10

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Mizuno F60 strong 3* 
This club is superb. It is long and straight, and I drive as far with this 13.5 3 wood as I do with my driver. Only difference, I hit more fairways. …

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