King Cobra S9-1 F Review

by Mark

Every time I put the slightest effort into hitting my old driver it would slice, if I was lucky it landed on the next fairway but it was not unusual for it to end up in someone’s prized flower bed or even the odd car park, to see your ball wiz of the tarmac and just miss a BMW X5 is literally heart stopping.

So I thought it best to give up on drivers altogether, my turning point was when I purchased a Calloway FT-5 Draw Driver, it does what it says on the tin, you just can’t slice it, I hit drive after drive with a penetrating low ball with a slight draw hitting fairway after fairway, averaging about 250-260 yards, it is awesome, all my golf buddies hated me, I loved it and with my confidence at an all time high my scores tumbled down, but it gets even better. My friend was selling his King Cobra S9-1 F 10.5 * it has a slight draw bias so I thought I would have a few shots with it during our weekly round, the 3rd is a short par 4: 310 yards the ball set off high and slightly right of the green then I lost sight of it, well I am nearly 60, as a trudged up the fairway I was wondering how far it might have gone then I saw it, just on the fringe of the green , Wow, this driver hits a long, long way.
I have played with this driver for over 6 months now, averaging 270-280 yards it is very forgiving, fun to use and looks great. Give one a knock you will not be disappointed and you can get them at a really good price.

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