Instant game improvement!

by Sam

1. I am a consistent 18 handicap, been at it for about a year hard core. Been playing with Target purchased Top-Flite XL. This is a fantastic set for someone who wanted to see if Golf was even for them. They were forgiving, little feel, minimal distance, lower quality. Best round I ever had was a 88 at my home course and it was mostly putter luck.

2. Hit balls at a pro shop with the Burner Plus, 7 iron, maybe 20-25 shots.
3. Went to a different pro shop the next day, there they were, $299 for the whole set. It was not Dicks, but the same version they had for $299.
4. Went and played yesterday, home course, 86. I cannot hit a driver worth a crap, its actually what I am trying to figure out - might need a PGA pro to help me with that. Neways, with that said, I used the 4 iron to tee off on every par 4 and par 5. It is a short course from the mens tees, just over 5900 yards. It was really fun, every time I was getting 185-200 pretty straight. I really had no concern with being more than 150 out as I knew the 7, 6, and 5 were long and straight off the deck. I was crushing the pitch on a little down wind 125 yards, that 20 yards easy on my Top-Flights. They do not feel clunky at all, so smooth, so fast. I am getting 5mph more just from changing clubs. The face is pretty hot, but seems more build for feel and forgiveness over hotness. The club is so long because it weights less and it is all high quality. I cannot wait to actually go to the range and practice hitting them better and straighter!

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