Inspires confidence in you, and fear in others - Devilish Diablo!

by Beesy
(Herts, UK)

Bought this club in 9deg with stiff Aldila Habanero shaft alongside the 4 fairway and hybrid 3 - What a set, standing out with this beast of a club. Now regularly hitting 280-300 yard drives mid-high and straight, compared to all too regular fade and slice, and 240-260 yards on a good hit from my previous driver. Whilst some might find it unsettling as a little unconventional, at address it looks mean and devilish as its name suggests, and I find the the semi-pointed back edge makes it feel like it will burst through the air on the downswing, and it does just that - nice talking point too! The sound on impact is a somewhat muted one compared to the mystical metallic 'ting' of some drivers, but a positively satisfying and confidence building "whip... crack" nonetheless. The stiff Habanero shaft fits perfectly with the overall look of the club as much as technically providing the added power for the faster swing, boosting the feel when setting up on the tee as well as the explosive launch and carry on impact. Downside is workability as noted in the main review, but the benefit of reliability and distance to the mid-high handicapper (as I am) far outweighs the lesser (but not wholly absent) workability which many if not all mid-high HC'ers wouldn't actively attempt, thus will not miss it!

Overall I couldn't imagine going back to my previous club now that this little devil has found its way into my bag - and being an older model, in an ever emerging sea of adjustable, variable and other "" forms of high tech, including the high price, this simple and uncomplicated club can give you consistent high performance, at a relative low cost.

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